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A middle school girl’s family takes a trip to the mountains of Tennessee, where she meets her older girl cousins who are discussing Ethereum and Ether. Curious about this new technology, she asks her cousins to teach her more about it. With their help, they break down the concepts in simple terms that are easy for her to understand.

As she learns more about blockchain technology, the girl becomes increasingly fascinated and intrigued by it. Later in life, she decides to pursue a career in the industry.

This book is intended to introduce kids to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through casual reading and storytelling, providing an overview of common terms used in web3 and the cryptocurrency industries.

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They explained to Naomi that Ether was the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. They told her to think of Ethereum like a big playground where you can build and play with cool computer programs called “dapps” and “smart contracts.

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They were happy to and patiently explained how Ethereum uses blockchain technology to record transactions and create a secure, tamper-proof ledger, or record, of all data on the network or in this case the playground.

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Naomi learned that transactions on the Ethereum network are verified by nodes, which are computers that run the Ethereum software. The nodes use something called algorithms to reach agreement on the status of the blockchain…

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Her cousins also showed her how smart contracts, which are self executing computer programs, can be created on the Ethereum blockchain to automate processes and enforce agreements between two different people or parties…

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We would recommend this book for readers age 9 and up. The book does go into some details on Ethereum and what it is, but it uses simple “playground” examples to do so and breaks it down simply enough for children to understand.

Children’s Easy to Follow StorylineKid’s Introduction to Ethereum and EtherLimited Cryptocurrency TerminologyCatch Phrases of Ethereum and CryptocurrencyColorful Pictures to Hold Child’s AttentionChildren’s Career Path ThinkingElementary / Middle School ThemedFamily Encouragement to Learn Together

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What’s NOT in the Book

Detailed Description of EthereumEthereum’s Proof of Stake vs. Proof of WorkEthereum’s Smart ContractsDecentralized Finances

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About the AuthorAbout the Author

About the Author

Hi there! My name is Brad Reeser, and I’m a father of two amazing girls. As a family, we love to read and explore new ideas together. But when it came to finding inspiring books that were also fun and engaging for our daughters, we had a hard time. That’s why I started writing books with my daughters – to create stories that are not only entertaining, but also teach valuable lessons about technology, business, and problem-solving. They are closely involved in every book!

In our books, we introduce some of the most exciting and cutting-edge topics of our time, from cryptocurrency and blockchain to starting businesses at a young age. Our stories are designed to help children start to develop critical thinking skills and become the problem-solvers of tomorrow. We believe that by introducing kids to these concepts in a fun and engaging way, we can help them become successful entrepreneurs and employees in the future.

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