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Minimalist Leather Wallet

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    Health Hacks: Instantly Reduce Lower Back Pain

    • 31 Million Americans Experience Lower Back Pain: The American Chiropractic Association recently reported that 84% of the world population will experience lower back pain. A common cause for lower back-pain is sitting on an over sized back pocket wallet for 8 hours a day.
    • Don't Sit On Your Wallet: Sitting on your wallet is as much a health concern as walking around with one shoe on and one shoe off. It creates an imbalance in your core muscles, lower spine disks and ligaments whenever you’re sitting.

    • Reduce Your Chiropractor's Bills: By moving your wallet to your front pocket, and it might reduce; the inflammation on your lower back and your chiropractic bills in the process.
    • Move Your Wallet to the Front Pocket: Move your wallet to the side when seated or out of the pocket entirely. Regardless of the circumstances, a wallet should never be placed in the back pocket.
    • 4 Easy Steps to Prevent Lower Back Pain:

      1. Switch to a Minimalist Leather Wallet 
      2. Limit siting to 30 minutes - Even if you have a desk job, time those coffee and restroom breaks so that you are getting movement in your hips and thighs
      3. Tuck your tail - the exercise called the pelvic tilt will keep your hips in a position that minimizes stress on your nerves.
      4. Vary your exercise - Too much of anything is never a good thing. If you are a runner, swim once a week, and if you love the weights, mix in some cardio.
    • Category: Minimalist Wallet
    • Closure Type: Hasp
    • Material: PU
    • Features: Synthetic Leather
    • Height: 1.5 cm
    • Width: 7.5 cm
    • Weight: 70 g
    • Length: 11.5 cm
    • Brand: HENGSHENG



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