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Product Description

Pieghevole con Telecamera 1080PPieghevole con Telecamera 1080P


Headless ModeHeadless Mode

Gravity ControlGravity Control

Three speed modes

SLOW / MEDIUM / HIGH SPEED Three speed modes for you to choose, you can choose the speed you are accustomed to and easy to get started to play with the drone, medium / low speed is suitable for novice and boys first time to play, and the expert can use the high speed to carry out exciting operation.

Headless mode

headless mode

Headless Mode is a feature that is suitable for most toy drone players. This feature is especially suitable for newcomers to get used to the new model and to adjust the flight maneuvers on the fly once they become skillful.

Gravity control

This function requires the toy drone to be linked to the app (please make sure there are no large interference objects with magnetism in the vicinity), use your phone to connect and then you can use this fun feature to start playing, making it more immersive to operate in real time.

Dual ControlDual Control

2.4G real-time transmission2.4G real-time transmission


Dual control

The drone can use dual control, if you feel more interesting to use the cell phone operation then you can use the APP to carry out the flight operation you want, or when you want to experience the fun brought by remote sensing and then you can use the original controller to play.

2.4G real-time transmission

2.4G real-time transmission signal makes the connection stable


The drone features a cool 360-degree flip feature that allows it to flip and roll in any direction, adding excitement and acrobatic flair to your flying experience.

One Key Start/LandingOne Key Start/Landing

FPV ModeFPV Mode

Trajectory FlightTrajectory Flight

One Key Start/Landing

Simply tap the “One Touch Start/Landing” button to start the flight. After pressing the button, the drone will automatically take off and hover at the set altitude. If you need to land, just press it again. It is easy to control and maneuver, especially suitable for beginners.


With FPV live feed, you can capture moments and share them instantly on social media platforms. Whether it’s a breathtaking aerial view or an adventurous flight, you can show off your drone experience to others..

Trajectory Flight

The trajectory flight function frees up your hands, suitable for newcomers to operate the function, only need to draw a line to complete the trajectory flight!

Propeller ProtectionPropeller Protection

Anti-crash bracket makes beginners to operate toy airplanes more tolerant, boys are no longer afraid of propeller blades being crashed, the smart choice for beginners!

Toy Drone Parts ListToy Drone Parts List

【Beginner’s Choice】: The TT12 drone adds several beginner’s features and includes a collision avoidance bracket, the lower speed makes it easier for you to get started while using it and you are not afraid of crashing the propellers, which makes it safer than other drones.
【SAFETY DESIGN 】TTROARDS brand prioritizes customer safety. Our drones are equipped with features such as integrated landing and take-off and a low battery alarm to provide you with a worry-free flying experience. In addition, the drone is equipped with 2 modular batteries, which can guarantee up to 15 minutes of flight time.
【Various and Convenient Functions】Are you still worried that you don’t know how to operate the drone? This drone is equipped with multiple functions to make flying more convenient, 3D flip, one-button take-off/landing, gesture control and other functions are all available. Even if you are a beginner, you can fly it like a pro, come and discover your flying style!
【Please note】 Before using the drone, it must be calibrated according to the instructions in the manual. When using the drone outdoors, it is recommended to choose a windless or windy climate, otherwise the drone’s manoeuvrability may be affected.