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Product Description

12PRO DRONE TOY gifts boy and Girls12PRO DRONE TOY gifts boy and Girls

5GHz Wifi Drone5GHz Wifi Drone

3 Speed mode DRONE3 Speed mode DRONE

Brushless MotorBrushless Motor

Gravity controlGravity control

Three speed modes

Three speed modes for you to choose, choose the speed you are accustomed to, easy to get started to play the drone, low speed is suitable for novices and first time beginners, experts can use high speed for exciting operation.

Brushless Motor

Brushless motors bring strong speed and wind resistance, which are more advantageous than ordinary drones and bring different experiences when playing.

Gravity control

The feature requires the toy drone to be connected to the app (make sure there are no large interfering objects with magnetic properties nearby), and once connected using a cell phone you can start playing using this fun feature for a more immersive real-time operation.

4KHD Camera4KHD Camera

ModeHeadless modeModeHeadless mode


4K HD Camera

Headless mode


Light Weight & Easy To CarryLight Weight & Easy To Carry

Two modular batteriesTwo modular batteries

Dual ControlDual Control


Lightweight toy drone, less than 249g can be played anywhere and anytime without registration

Two modular batteries

With two modular batteries comes longer playback time, and now we can extend it, which means more material to record and more time to enjoy the flight.

Dual control

Dual controls allow you to play not only on the remote, but use the APP controls to unlock more fun features such as gravity control, scratch flight, and more.

Drone Accessories MenuDrone Accessories Menu

4K HD & ESC Camera:Brushless Motor Drone with 2 Camera for Adults 4K.Providing you with high-resolution images, experience immersive landscapes through your drone.135° motorized adjustable camera frees up your hands, allowing you to switch to different directions at any time and see the world from multiple angles.
Level 3 wind resistance+brushless motor: Level 3 wind resistance makes drone flight more stable and can also cope with light wind weather. Equipped with brushless motors, it has lower noise, higher power, stronger power, and longer lifespan. Bringing you a satisfactory flying experience.
5GHz FPV real-time transmission: provides smooth and stable video even at long distances or in complex environments. The drone is equipped with the latest 5Ghz WIFI signal for clear and smooth transmission. Adult 4K brushless motor drone with 2 cameras brings you a stable and timely interface.
Maximum flight speed: The adult 4K brushless motor drone with 2 cameras can fly at a maximum speed of 40 KM/h. The combination of speed and stability with a 135° movable lens results in a better handling experience.
2 MODULAR BATTERIES FOR EXTENDED FLIGHT TIME: 2 removable 3.7V 1600mAh drone batteries, two batteries provide a total of 30 minutes of flight experience.