Aragon, a pioneer in DAO technology, has deployed its modular Aragon OSx DAO framework and no-code Aragon App on Arbitrum, Ethereum’s leading Layer 2 (L2) solution. This integration unlocks new possibilities for DAOs by providing them access to a thriving ecosystem of protocols, applications, and assets.

Arbitrum, known for its rollup technology, has established itself as the industry’s most popular L2 solution with over $7 billion total value locked and 55% of the L2 market share. By choosing to launch on Arbitrum, DAOs stand to benefit from several advantages that can potentially revolutionize their operations.

Reduced Gas Costs and Increased Voter Turnout

One of the most immediate benefits of operating on Arbitrum is the substantial reduction in gas costs. Ethereum’s high gas fees have long been a concern for DAOs, as they can significantly erode resources. By transitioning to Arbitrum, DAOs can conserve valuable resources while simultaneously incentivizing increased voter turnout, as lower transaction costs make participation more accessible to a wider audience.

Simplified Custom DAO Deployment

Building custom DAOs on Arbitrum is made remarkably straightforward, thanks to the platform’s full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) equivalence. This feature streamlines the deployment of custom integrations and allows developers to harness Ethereum’s extensive developer ecosystem to tailor DAOs to their specific needs.

Enhanced Security and Speed

Arbitrum’s close association with Ethereum ensures that DAOs launching on this L2 solution inherit the robust security features for which Ethereum is renowned. This not only guarantees a safer experience for users but also provides a seamless transition for DAOs seeking to establish themselves in the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

Furthermore, Arbitrum offers faster transaction speeds, significantly reducing the time required for DAO administration and governance activities. This acceleration in transaction processing can contribute to more efficient decision-making and overall DAO operations.

Ivan Fartunov, Head of Ecosystem at Aragon, said: “Arbitrum is by far the most adopted rollup in the EVM ecosystem, both in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL) and protocols launched on the network. In addition to being home to impactful multichain projects like Stargate, Arbitrum has spurred many exciting native projects like GMX, Tenderize, and Plutus. We are excited to join such a vibrant ecosystem.”

Aragon’s commitment to accessibility is evident in its no-code solutions, which have already facilitated the launch of over 7,000 DAOs across Ethereum Layer 1 (L1) and L2 networks. Now, with Aragon available on Arbitrum, communities can create a DAO in under 10 minutes and manage their assets transparently through a user-friendly app.

The secure and modular design of Aragon OSx opens doors for protocols deployed on Arbitrum to customize their governance with plugins, including multichain governance and optimistic dual governance. This flexibility enhances the potential use cases for DAOs and underscores the growing synergy between Aragon and Arbitrum in their mission to bring more participants into the Ethereum ecosystem.

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