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Product Description

rv2610wa mop padsrv2610wa mop pads

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shark av2610wa mop padsshark av2610wa mop pads

shark rv2610wa padsshark rv2610wa pads

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【Compatible Model】RV2610WA microfiber mop pads are compatile with Shark RV2610WA AV2610WA RV2620WD RV2610WD RV2610WFUS RV2410WD RV2400WD RV2400WS RV2402WD AV2610BZUS AV2610BFUD RV2610BTUS AI Ultra 2- in-1 Robot Vacuum. (????Not compatible with Shark RV2001WD RV2002WD RV2001WRUS RV2002WXUS AV2001WD RV2000WD Robot Vacumm.) Please confirm your Vacuum model before purchasing.
【High-quality Non-shedding Microfiber Material】These AV2610WA replacement mop pads are made of non-shedding microfibre material. High temperature resistance, durable. no fading, no lint, easy drying.
【Strong Water Absorption】RV2610WA vacuum mop pads are super absorbent, leaving no water stains on the floor or pushing dirt around.
【Washable and Reusable】Soft mop pads can be washed with the washing machine and reused for multiple times. This helps to avoid waste in the use of disposable mop pads.
【Wide Applications】RV2610WA replacement mop pads work well for hard floors, carpets, wooden floors, as well as linoleum, tiles, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, marble floors.