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“I was skeptical at first, but after implementing the Sales Process Protocol, my sales have skyrocketed. It’s amazing how much of a difference a proven process can make.”

– Jane, Coaching Business Owner

Take Your B2B Business To The Next Level By Mastering Your Sales Process Through Leveraging Outbound Prospecting And Implementing The Right Communication Language That Your Prospects want, All By Using Your Deep Domain Expertise.

Reduce the time it takes to acquire a customer and figure out how to help your sales and marketing team focus more. Weak messaging results in low team performance, a low lead-to-customer rate, and financial losses!

It’s time to figure this out, strengthen your sales process, and make it like an engine that allows your sales team to focus more on sales than daily copywriting.

If founders have an offer, case studies, and a quality lead list, they can easily add appointments to their calendar by leveraging messaging and sales.

Founders are not necessarily professional marketers and salespeople. We are a team of growth consultants solely focused on solving business unit cases through sales and outbound prospecting, with the help of our product B2B ProSales. And that’s why we’ve created B2B ProSales, to provide a comprehensive solution to help businesses like yours achieve their sales goals.

Works Best For Individuals Who Are:

1. Sales Professionals (AE’s, Reps, BDR’s, SDR’s)

2. Startups Or Doing 4-7 Figures /Year+.

3. If You Have Clear Understanding Of Your Market.

4. Has A Lead List Already Or Existing Customers.

5. Selling Yourself Or Has A Sales Team or A Desire To Learn.

6. Already Spending On Marketing/Advertising.

7. Repeatedly Missing Quota/Stalled Pipeline.

8. Lacking Direct Management Or Leadership Or Confidence On Calls.

9. Looking For Better Sales Strategies, Assembling Assets & A Scalable Process.

SaaS, B2B Service Businesses, Mid and High-ticket Services, Self-directed Services, Business Consulting Services, Coaching Services, Financial Services, Agencies, More …

Learn how to optimize your cold email outreach to clients and enhance your B2B deals by increasing open and response rates. With over 200 pages of real-world 7-figure cold email scripts, strategies, and systems, your team can use them to increase sales. Business owners can give it to their sales team to improve sales process efficiency. The scripts cover multiple email templates for each business situation, including:

11. Post and mutual interactions. 

18. Lost customer follow up.

23. Travel outreach to someone you already  know.

24. Travel Outreach to someone you don’t know.

29. Venture capitalist outreach.

Learn how to optimize your cold call outreach to clients and enhance your B2B deals with over 100 pages of real-world 7-figure cold call scripts, strategies, and systems to increase sales. This resource can be provided to sales teams to improve sales efficiency, covering multiple cold call scripts for each business situation, including:

11. Post and mutual interactions. 

1. Cold Call Secrets. Strategies & Email Templates..

2. Cold Call Script Template.

Your funnel is the engine of your business and a reflection of your sales strategy. Whether you have an automated funnel or a simple landing page, it’s important not to miss important elements that can optimize the funnel and increase conversion rates. In this simple wireframe, you’ll see how successful funnels are built. Marketers can leverage opt-in results to ensure that the funnel is optimized for the target audience. It works whether you’re a SaaS, agency, self-directed service, consultant, or coach or someone who’s trying to get appointments. To help you accomplish this, you’ll receive a general checklist, a wireframe, and a detailed workbook to ensure that you’re not missing any key elements on your funnel.

Learn how outbound prospecting is done using cold email and LinkedIn messaging, and discover how to respond based on your prospect’s actions. The diagram will help you address “what if” scenarios and improve your current process to filter prospects and establish a successful sales system. You’ll also receive several sample email templates and follow-up messages that successful B2B consultants use to achieve sales or meetings. By adding these templates to your outbound lead templates in Cold Email Secrets, you’ll be able to further optimize your results. Although the outbound sample emails differ slightly from those in Cold Email Secrets, both are effective when you personalize the opening lines and update the subject lines. Your package includes:

1. Outbound Prospecting Process Diagram.

2. Examples from Growth Consultants.

There are many different types of emails as you’ve seen in Cold Email Secrets – the ones with simple outreaches, scheduling a meeting, … However, we are now focusing on the most important part — last-contact follow-up sales emails that get responses. Admit it, making a good impression is vital, especially since your closer represents the whole company and is trying to close a deal. That’s why your email shouldn’t be too long and should include only the essential details the customer has seen in the demo, and it should be clear and straight to the point. Your salespeople or reps can pull the carpet when they have a call with the prospect. Assuming they’re good at objection handling. These follow-up templates solve the situation when a potential prospect is still unsure of whether to move forward or not.

Salespeople are not likely to consistently implement a particular selling strategy or technique unless it is effective and supported by an appropriate step-by-step sales process and a script. Mastering the skill and tonality requires an asset, practice, and guidance. That’s exactly what a sales professional/closer and sales team will receive from Advanced Sales Mastery. It covers the step by step script of the sales process protocol from the initial qualification to closing the deal.

We’ve talked about how landing page is the engine of your business. Now, this is the fuel of your business along with any paid marketing strategy you have. Your sales team needs to know how to qualify and introduce your solution to prospects, and then close the deal. This script consists of two main parts: qualifying the prospect and introducing your company, presenting the offers on multiple loops, and negotiating until the prospect buys. It will not only help you close prospects but also improve your sales efficiency and have a system or asset in place for future sales closers that you may frequently hire. You’ll receive a sales script template, outline, and explanation, and your sales executive can customize it based on your offer.

All common objection handling questions are answered. Your prospect may ask questions during the demo, and this is what a closer needs. Successful B2B businesses in different industries need to master this to improve the sales process through direct live closing. You will get the advanced sales process diagram shown in the video that you’ve probably watched on the top. You’ll get its script that has already been tested and has generated millions in enterprise value that will show you how to exactly implement the diagram, word by word! You’ll get:

1. Sales Script Template.

2. Sales Script Template Outline.

3. Advanced Sales Mastery explaining the protocol and script with example.

4. Sales Script Template Simplified Version.

5. Must-have Sales Process Emails.

6. Advanced Sales Process Diagram.

A sales letter is a written document that contains your entire core sales argument. It’s used to show the level of detail needed to write compelling copy. You’ll learn how to write a sales letter and the process needed to iterate on it using the template and the guidelines provided. Many businesses don’t have this in place, which makes it harder for them to update their marketing content in the future if they see a drop in conversion rates. You’ll also get an actual example of a sales letter. This piece of content is essential if you need to test an offer, optimize it in the future, or build landing pages, marketing messages, and world-class sales organizations. Sales letter is dynamic, it needs updating all the time. So, You’ll get the template where you can solve marketing during market recessions and making sure you sales. You’ll get

1. Sales Letter: Process, Outline, and Explanation. 

2. Sales Letter – Actual Example.

3. xlsx (Microsoft Excel)

The most critical aspect of running a successful B2B is having an efficient hiring and tracking system in place. This will help you from the initial hiring process to tracking your sales team’s progress. This includes a template for posting job openings on job boards or social media, an independent base and commission contract to facilitate the hiring of new sales reps, and a tracking sheet to monitor your sales team’s outbound prospecting messages sent, discovery calls, demos, and revenue collected. By implementing these resources, you can streamline your sales process and optimize your team’s performance. You’ll receive:

1. The Hiring Post Template.

2. The Hiring Contract Template.

3. Outbound Sales Tracking Excel Sheet.

✔You’ll Get Unlimited Access To Support If You Have A Question.

✔You’ll Get The Tips And Scripts On Common Objections:

“I’m Not Interested” And “How Much Is It?”

✔You will get a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked!

✔The only way you can lose is by not doing real sales and marketing right now!

 ✔By Taking Advantage Of The Offer, You’ll Eventually Save A Lot Versus Paying Thousands Every Month For Agencies! 

✔If You’re A B2B Owner Or A Professional Individual With The Right Mindset, You Can Move Forward And Start Focusing More On Strengthening Your Sales and Marketing Team’s Skills.

The agency model is fundamentally flawed in that the more “successful” the agency is (the more customers they bring on), the less likely their customers will experience great results! due to bandwidth limits. An agency might be able to get you a quick bump in results, but they are playing the game of “not losing you” instead of “delivering more returns”. 

The more customers they bring on, the less attention they can give to each customer, eventually the results converge to 0, just by nature of the business.

The agency is incentivized to “not lose the customer” instead of “making the customer money”. We understand this and teach “how to fish” by our messages.

Not only does this work better in the long term, but it also works better in the short term since the copy that a marketing agency writes usually doesn’t work anyway! 

Agencies can help you with quick page building, ad monitoring, tracking, and scaling budgets, but they won’t be able to craft the message for you that actually converts – simply because they don’t have the domain expertise necessary to write compelling copy in your industry. 

Agency account reps often service multiple customers simultaneously and their bandwidth is spread spin which results in less attention on your particular campaign.

Agencies usually leave some critical marketing resonance that they can add to your business if they spend the time, but they prefer to have you again in future for bigger projects.

Simply because they ask for retainers on monthly basis and don’t guarantee results.

Your deep domain expertise, your team, can work on your email copy, sales process, such that you don’t need to worry about it anymore for long time.

Outsourcing = More Losses = No Guarantee Of Results = Inconsistent Sales = No Long Time Plan

Strengthening Your Deep Domain Expertise = Consistent Sales = Less Costs = Long Term Plan

We believe that marketing can’t be successful without a strong sales process.

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Click here to get B2B Sales | Email Marketing | Outbound Sales | Sales Training | Salesclose.io at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

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