Obligate, an on-chain capital markets platform, has launched a structured product – a Barrier Reverse Convertible linked to Bitcoin. This product, issued as an eNote, marks a new era for on-chain investments, harnessing the potential of digital assets.

STS Digital Ltd, a leader in regulated digital asset services, is the first to utilize this innovative approach, setting a precedent for the issuance and distribution of structured investment products on the blockchain.

Investors can now access customized investment products natively on-chain, provided on the Polygon blockchain. These products offer exposure to various assets with unique payoff profiles that were previously unavailable to digital asset investors. The use of Obligate’s Smart Contract-based platform enhances transparency, automation, and efficiency by replicating product mechanics.

Tobias Wohlfarth, Head of Origination at Obligate, highlighted the potential to redefine investment opportunities on-chain.

The collaboration aims to pioneer a regulated and decentralized financial future while offering a comprehensive product suite and digital asset services.

Structured investment products are now part of the Obligate platform, demonstrating its scalability and ability to deliver blockchain-based investment solutions for a wide range of client demands in the digital asset sector.

STS Digital Ltd, regulated by the Bermudan Monetary Authority, brings expertise in digital asset derivatives and structured product issuance for institutional investors, aligning with the goal of advancing the digital asset industry.

Gideon Hyams, co-founder of STS Digital Ltd, emphasized the partnership’s ability to bring structured products on-chain, streamlining the product life-cycle and transforming digital asset volatility into attractive coupons and payouts.

Obligate and STS Digital plan to offer tailor-made investment products based on client requests and monthly highlight products, with the second product already in the subscription phase, as part of their ongoing collaboration.

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