Key Takeaways

  • BitDegree introduces gamified Web3 education, inspired by extensive research;
  • Web3 Exam and Missions offer challenging levels and prizes, enhancing student engagement and knowledge retention;
  • BitDegree’s dual motivation strategy combines tangible rewards with an exciting and educational experience.

BitDegree has redefined Web3 learning through a dynamic fusion of education and gamification. The Web3 Exam and Missions have been meticulously crafted to captivate students, making learning engaging and knowledge retention effortless.

Gamification, the art of infusing entertainment and competition into real-world activities, has emerged as a potent motivator for learners. In the realm of traditional gaming, players dedicate hours to challenging quests, enticed by the allure of tokens, exclusive NFTs, and tangible rewards.

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BitDegree’s Web3 Exam mirrors this concept but with a resolute focus on education. It comprises three levels, each with varying degrees of difficulty, all rooted in the Octalysis framework for gamification and behavioral design

However, this approach isn’t arbitrary; it’s the result of extensive research. As Danielius Stasiulis, one of the co-founders of BitDegree, explains:

Our journey began after recognizing a common issue in online courses: the lack of student motivation. To tackle this, we conducted comprehensive research on student motivation and cutting-edge educational technologies, in collaboration with Vilnius University and the University of Tartu. Our findings pointed to gamification as one of the keys to unlocking successful Web3 education.

As students conquer these Exam levels, they earn in-game tokens called Bits, which seamlessly convert into Exam points. Attaining a minimum of 10 points bestows the privilege of minting a free NFT Certificate of Completion and getting a chance to win from the enticing $500K-worth prize pool.

Do keep in mind that accumulating more Bits elevates a student’s Degree, heightening their chances of seizing valuable prizes from the pool. So, in other words, the more Exam levels and missions you complete, the more chances you’ll have at winning.

BitDegree Missions, offering alternative learning paths, follow a similar format but boast different prize pools and no NFT Certificates.

Both the Exam and Missions also incorporate additional gamification elements, such as Streaks, which encourage consistent participation, and the opportunity to unlock bonuses and special badges during the Exam.

However, BitDegree’s vision extends beyond its current offerings. They plan to introduce leaderboards to stimulate healthy competition among participants.

If you’re eager to embark on a journey where learning meets excitement and become eligible for the Lucky Draw from the prize pool, enroll in the Exam now.

Just remember that you must complete at least one Exam level by December 27th. After that, you’ll still be able to participate in the Exam, but will no longer be eligible for the Lucky Draw.

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