Price: $299.00
(as of Mar 30, 2024 01:07:16 UTC – Details)

* (1) Flight time for one battery is measured in a controlled test environment. Specific test conditions are as follows: flying forward at a constant speed of 17 kph in a windless laboratory environment, in photo mode (without photo taking operation during flight), and from 100% battery level until 0%.
(2) Under the aforementioned conditions, a maximum battery life of 93 minutes can be achieved by replacing the batteries twice.
(3) The standard aircraft weight (including the Intelligent Flight Battery, propellers, and a microSD card). The actual product weight may vary due to differences in batch materials and external factors. Registration is not required in some countries and regions. Please check local laws and regulations before use.
(4) FCC compliant and tested in an open outdoor environment without interference.
(5) DJI Mini 2 SE has a nominal take-off weight of less than 249 grams, you may not need to register your drone and comply with the Remote ID rule. Please visit the FAA’s official website for requirements related to drone registration and Remote ID. Please always check your local laws and regulations before flying.

???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? – The drone is lightweight and compact, weighing ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????. It’s perfect for taking on hikes, road trips, and other adventures, allowing you to capture stunning aerial moments from above wherever you go.
???????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? – Under 249 g, FAA Registration and Remote ID are not required if you fly for recreational purposes. Visit the FAA’s official website for requirements related to drone registration and Remote ID.
???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? – Enjoy longer flights with DJI Mini 2 SE, which offers a 31-min max flight time. Combo offers two additional Intelligent Flight Batteries (three in total) for up to 93 minutes of total flight time*. Explore and create more.
???????????????? ???? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????? – The DJI Fly app has easy-to-use shooting templates that allow the drone to automatically fly, record, and generate professional-level videos that can be shared directly on social media.
???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? – Get a ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? to reliably fly further and capture more. Compared to Wi-Fi, DJI OcuSync is significantly stronger, offering enhanced transmission and stronger anti-interference compatibilities.
???????????????????? (???????????????????? ????) ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? – DJI Mini 2 SE flies with reliable stability even in winds up to 38kph, letting you fly and capture content more reliably in more places.
????????????????????????????????-???????????????????????????????? – With simplified operations, the drone is easy to learn and master quickly, making it ideal for beginners. It has a ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????, ensuring a worry-free flying experience.
Due to platform compatibility issue, the DJI Fly app has been removed from Google Play. To ensure a better product usage experience, please log in to the DJI official website to download the latest version of DJI Fly.