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“I’m sure you’ve noticed how volatile traditional sports betting has become – I have the perfect solution…”

Jack Garner: eSports Expert


The eSports Market is worth billions and 95% of punters didn’t know they can profit from it using their current bookmaker with ease!

+£384.11 From 5/8 Perfect Winning Days!

Check out a period of results between 8th July 2023 – 15th July 2023, where we picked up 5 out of 8 double-days recently. 

[LOL – PCS] 13:00 Impunity v HELL PIGS – HELL PIGS 4/11 – WON

[LOL – CBLOL Split Season] 21:00 RED Kalunga v INTZ – RED Kalunga 4/11 – WON

Multi – Double – WON +£42.98

[CS:GO – Blast Premier] 14:00 Natus Vincere v Astralis – Natus Vincere 4/7 – WON

[LOL – TCL Season] 17:00 Eternal Fire v Galakticos – Eternal Fire 5/4 – WON

Multi – Double – WON +£126.79

[LoL – LCS] 22:00 NRG Esports v Team Dignitas – Team Dignitas 11/10 – LOST

[LoL – LCS] 23:00 Flyquest v Evil Geniuses – Evil Geniuses 2/5 – LOST

Multi – Double – LOST -£50

[LoL – Ultraliga] 18:00 Iron Wolves v Illuminar Gaming – Illuminar Gaming 6/5 – LOST

[LoL – Ultraliga] 19:00 Zero Tenacity v Alior Bank Team – Zero Tenacity 1/5 – WON

Multi – Double – LOST -£50

[LoL – LVP Superliga] 21:00 KOI Academy v Fnatic TQ – Fnatic TQ 11/5 – WON

[CS:GO – CCT South America] 23:00 Hype v LRV Esports – LRV Esports 4/11 – WON

Multi – Double – WON +£168.18

[Valorant – Champions] 13:00 TYLOO v Attacking Soul Esports – TYLOO 4/6 – WON

[CS:GO – CCT South America] 17:00 w7m esports v Meta Gaming – Meta Gaming 8/13 – WON

Multi – Double – WON +£84.62

[LoL – LVP Superliga] 16:15 BISONS ECLUB v Barca eSports – BISONS ECLUB 2/5 – LOST

[LOL – CBLOL Split Season] 21:00 Loud v Pain Gaming – Loud 4/6 – WON

Multi – Double – LOST -£50

[LOL – VCS] 14:00 Saigon Buffalo v Team Flash – Saigon Buffalo 1/1 – WON

[LoL – LVP Superliga] 17:30 Rebels Gaming v Giants – Giants 8/13 – WON

Multi – Double – WON +£111.54

5/8 winners +£384.11 profit (768.22% ROI)

See Just How Easy It Is To Make Big Money In Esports These Days!!

We provide minimal multi-odds of 3/1 and an industry-leading 6/1 acca average.

With a 37% strike rate that means more profit guaranteed for YOU!

The eSports market is not only the fastest growing betting market in the world, but is also pandemic-proof meaning you don’t need to worry about cancellations and postponement.

You can bet on eSports with your current bookmaker and its VERY similar to horse racing and football bets, only more frequent!

All major bookmakers accept eSports betting.

Using my highly accurate one double-bet per-day method lets us maximise the potential returns on some crazy generous odds on offer!

Do you think the Bookies have the knowledge to price in factors to do with the actual esports gamers,  do they analyse behaviour and research or know about the games intensly as they should?

Hi, My name’s Jack Garner and I’ve been following the world of eSports closer than perhaps ANYBODY for the last 8 years.

In fact it’s taken over my life!

There are games being played every hour of every day with none of your close of day for trading, or end of season in football. Nope, as one game ends in Japan another begins in Russia and then America so there is literally an abundance of games to get on.

And a whole load of profit to be made if you’re looking at the right info!

I’m a computer scientist by profession but what qualifies me as an ‘expert’ is the amount of data I have collated throughout the life of eSports. I’m talking about since the very beginning.

Info such as team management, performance, reserve combinations and partnerships that make all the difference, I even hold data on distance to tournaments, travel time, social media feeds and pretty much ANYTHING I can get my hands on.

It all comes in to play in results; some in small ways like favoured cities due to fanbases, all the way up to potential injuries and reserve drafts when a player has played over a certain amount of games (that’s a huge one and there are magic numbers you wouldn’t believe!)

And it’s data no one else currently holds  which is what gives me the edge over ALL the bookies in this lucrative market.

And my results prove this each and every month!

£19 Billion expected to be bet on eSports in 2021

With eSports being declared a billion dollar industry, there couldn’t be a better time for you to start making money amidst a new world of lockdowns and quarantines – one of the only aspects of betting not to have been brought to its knees by the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

In the beginning, eSports was deemed to be a fad that was not going to grow past a few million dollars.

However, it has exploded past this number at a record pace and has managed to get stronger without breaking a sweat.

Make your mark on this multi-billion pound market!

Check out a recent period of results  between 1st December 2022 – 5th December 2022, where we picked up 5x double-days in-a-row. 

+£707.55 From 5x Perfect Winning Days In-A-Row!

[CS:GO – CCT Central Europe] 15:00 ECSTATIC v Into The Breach – Into The Breach 4/7 – WON

[CS:GO – CCT Central Europe] 20:00 ODDIK v FURIA Academy – Furia Academy 5/6 – WON

Multi – Double – WON +£94.05

[CS:GO – CCT South America] 14:00 INTZ v Meta Gaming – Meta Gaming 6/5 – WON

[CS:GO – CCT South America] 15:00 00 Prospects v Apeks – Apeks 11/10 – WON

Multi – Double – WON +£181.00

[CoD – Call of Duty League] Seattle Surge v Boston Breach – Boston Breach 5/4 – WON

[CoD – Call of Duty League] Into The Breach v Endpoint – EndPoint 4/5 – WON

Multi – Double – WON +£152.50

[CSGO – CCT North Europe] 17:30 Illuminar v Dynamo Eclot – DYNAMO ECLOT 11/10 – WON

[CSGO – CCT North Europe] 21:30 OpTic Texas v Minnesota RKKR – Minnesota RKKR 5/4 – VOID

Multi – Double – WON +£55.00

[CSGO – CCT South America] 14:00 MIBR Academy v Boca Juniors – BOCA JUNIORS 6/5 – WON

[CSGO – CCT South America] 17:00 FRUIA Academy v Paqueta – FURIA Academy 6/4 – WON

Multi – Double – WON +£225.00

5/5 winners +£707.55 profit (1,415% ROI)

In fact it’s the fastest-growing sports betting sector in the world right now.

And having followed the sport for the last few years I am going to open your eyes to this exciting new world and show you how investing a small amount can bring you a lucrative online income!

And all for just 2 minutes of your time a day!!

When I first started following eSports, bookmakers taking bets on these games simply didn’t exist. Now you will find that the majority of high street names offer odds on esports events, large and small, across the world.

eSports and betting have always shared an interesting relationship and over the last few years this has moved towards a regulated betting world similar to that of traditional sports.

This too has seen a huge increase in the amount bet on eSports and the amount of punters switching to this new era betting platform has risen significantly.

The majority of punters still bet on horse-racing and football but you will be surprised at how similar eSports betting actually is!

What would be dangerous practice would be for the unassuming punter to move into the world of eSport betting without the correct guidance and research. You might as well be handing over your hard-earned cash straight to the bookies.

eSports #1 Double Bet Method

You Get ONE Double Bet Per Day

Average Odds of Between 3/1 – 10/1

Tips Delivered Daily Via Email

Also Accessible via Secure Tips Link

Hosted by Best System Bets

The market is still in its infancy and as such, there has never been a better time to be involved.

The opportunity to earn a handsome income in eSports is exploding right now and those with the best knowledge of the teams, the games and events have an excellent chance to be in early.

eSport Money Makers was set up in 2018 to guide the average punter who knows nothing at all about this new, lucrative market and help them make money on it.

A lot of money in some cases!

And don’t just take it from me – the following are just a handful of customers who took the time to let us know what they think of eSport Money Makers

Let’s see what my members have to say about my service:




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It Takes Just THREE Easy Steps:

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It’s Time To Shake Things Up And Make Your Bets Work For YOU!

Answer: You will receive an email between 10:30 am – 11:00 am BST (5.30 am – 6:00 am EST) each morning with your bet selections clearly displayed in order of the time a particular event is being played.

Answer: The majority of bookies will take eSports bets if you are searching for a bookmaker click HERE to search through a list of the top 20 bookmakers which provide eSports betting coverage in your region.

Answer: Simply add the selections into a double bet to your betslip and place as you would any double bet on any traditional sport.

Answer: You don’t have to! It makes absolutely no difference – all you need to do is follow the advice in my emails and the rest will take care of itself and all for less than one minute everyday.

Answer: The facts surrounding the emerging market of eSports are vast and fascinating – with a projected £14 Billion estimated to be bet this year and around £100 Billion by 2025 the demand is certainly there and so is the opportunity.

Answer: No. eSports is quickly becoming the most popular betting market the world has ever seen simply because it is so accessible and unlike traditional sports, does not suffer from seasonal fluctuation or cancellations.

Answer: Believe it or not the eSports market is perhaps the most protected you will encounter as the rules and legislation governing players and leagues have only recently been set up, making it a unique platform.

Answer: Following pools and prize money set in the millions also means there is huge appetite for success over failure so ‘fixing’ games simply does not happen. Plus with my expertise you are in the very best hands!

Answer: Simply because they operate for a traditional market, eSports is a completely different entity. Bookies use data to weigh up odds and classifications and where horse racing and football have around 100 years of data, eSports has 5 at best. So you can be sure there are a lot of slip ups.

Answer: Even though classed as a ‘sport’ with players treated as ‘athletes’, there is no correlation and this is something the bookies are very much behind on and odds reflect that.

Answer: eSport Money makers dedicated customer support team will be at your beck and call. Just send in an email into with your query, and you will be answered asap or within 12-24 hours.

Ok, but how much do I pay for your magical formula?

eSport Money Makers is a treasure. It is priceless. Tell me how much would you be willing to pay for a system that earns you safe profits for a lifetime? 

Don’t stop reading. I am not going to ask it’s true worth, or even 1/10th of it’s true worth. Why? As I told you earlier, I am a eSports enthusiast; I don’t sell systems for a living. My bread and butter comes from eSports betting.

I agreed to launch eSport Money makers only because some of my die hard followers insisted I do it, and there’s no way I could dishonour their request.

I want you to take my offer seriously so I will offer you a full risk-free 30-day transfer guarantee!

Even though we offer a NO REFUND policy on all of our payment options due to this being a performance based tipster service, If for any reason you are not completely satisfied within the first 30-days we shall provide you with a transfer absolutely FREE of charge to another service hosted on the Best System Bets platform (Click HERE to View) – no questions asked.


Let’s break the Bookies bank together


My discounted options will only be available for a short-period of time.

I want to join the eSport Money Makers and I agree to the terms.

Only £199 £79.95 per year (less than £6.67 per month) or £349 £129 for a limited time only you can secure an Unlimited Lifetime Access License

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The 2 x license options of £199 £79.95 for 12-months or £349 £129 for a limited-time only unlimited license will only be available for a short period of time.

Take this opportunity to get involved in something that will change your life. There really has never been a better time be a part of the eSports industry.

The doors on the discount offer won’t be open forever and bookmakers will begin to cotton on to this trend.

Join the #1 service in eSports, the peoples choice and the bookies bane, 50 discounted places have now opened, be sure to claim your place on the eSports money-making team!

Jack Garner –


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Click here to get eSport Money Makers by Jack Garner: Profit from eSports! at discounted price while it’s still available…

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