Key Takeaways

  • BitDegree’s new Web3 Exam is completely free to access and take;
  • The Exam includes free NFT Certificates of Completion that act as “Proof of Learn”;
  • With the launch, BitDegree aims to advance the availability of Web3 education on a global scale.

BitDegree’s Web3 Exam and Missions have launched – they are available to be accessed completely free of charge. No hidden fees, no catch.

BitDegree has a long history of providing its students with a plethora of free crypto and Web3 learning materials. The platform is home to seemingly countless numbers of content pieces, including (but not limited to) how-to tutorials, detailed overviews of crypto projects, major project reviews, a dedicated 101 Handbook, and many more.

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Danielius Stasiulis, one of the co-founders of BitDegree, stresses the importance of accessible Web3 educational materials:

We believe that Web3 education is extremely important, especially as we see this industry continue to grow and develop. Just look at the capabilities of AI – technology is moving fast. Keeping up can be hard enough, and if you don’t have access to proper educational materials, it becomes even harder. We aim to address this, and one of the tools to do so is the Web3 Exam.

The Exam features three levels (all ranging in difficulty), and will run until the 2nd of February. While the Exam itself will remain available to be taken after the 2nd, students won’t have the opportunity to participate in Lucky Draw events, comprised of a $500,000-worth prize pool.

The initial event is set for January 2024, involving students who complete either exam level by December 27th, 2023. The second event, a bonus draw, is planned for February 2024, including students who finish either exam level by February 2nd.

The prizes range from USDT coins, all the way to NFT domains by Unstoppable Domains, hardware wallets by Ledger, and many others.

In addition to being free to access, the BitDegree Web3 Exam also has free NFT Certificates of Completion. These are available to all students who are able to finish either of the exam levels with a score of at least 10 points.

Economic situation, geographical restrictions, and multiple other factors can influence an individual’s choices for education. With the Web3 Exam, BitDegree aims to promote Web3 learning as an accessible necessity for anyone who loves exploring innovations, and who believes Web3 to be a huge part of the future.

You can join the Exam from the BitDegree homepage.

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