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HyperPlay and MetaMask join forces to launch MetaMask Snaps integration in native games, starting with Bushi on the Sui blockchain. This collaboration enhances Web3 gaming by boosting security, communication, and interoperability, transcending blockchain boundaries for gamers and developers.

Bringing new possibilities for gamers and developers

HyperPlay, the innovative Web3-native game store, and MetaMask, the renowned Ethereum-based wallet, have announced the launch of a groundbreaking integration of MetaMask Snaps for native games. This move is likely to create new possibilities for gamers and developers by enhancing security, communication, and interoperability within the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

The partnership between HyperPlay and MetaMask has found a dynamic ally in Bushi, a popular third-person competitive brawler game built on the Sui blockchain. Historically, the game struggled to connect with MetaMask’s vast user base due to its foundation on a non-EVM blockchain. However, through the introduction of HyperPlay and MetaMask Snaps, users can now seamlessly bring their wallets and assets directly into the immersive world of Bushi.

Leon Berroya, Founder and CEO of Bushi, said: “Every game developer dreams of being able to tap into the largest audiences and onboard them into their game with as little friction as possible. That’s why it was a ‘no-brainer’ for us to work with HyperPlay, Game7, and MetaMask to make it possible for us to transcend our current boundaries and compete with the best titles in gaming. With Snaps, we can now collaborate, connect, and communicate with communities that we never thought would be possible. The best part is that we can do this all while focusing on what game developers do best, make games.”

The significance of this partnership extends beyond Sui. HyperPlay has ambitious plans to support games on various major blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin, Starkware, Solana, Aptos, Tezos, and Cosmos, among others. This development further enriches HyperPlay’s custom MetaMask wallet overlay, marking a significant stride toward establishing interoperability as the standard for all Web3 games.

HyperPlay made its debut in November 2022, as a collaborative effort between MetaMask and Game7, a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to constructing Web3 gaming infrastructure. The primary objective of HyperPlay is to usher in a new era of interoperability in Web3 gaming, empowering developers to tap into new audiences and revenue streams.

HyperPlay raised $12 million in Series A round earlier this year. The round was co-led by Griffin Gaming Partners and Bitkraft Ventures, including participation from MetaMask’s parent company ConsenSys, Ethereal Ventures, Delphi, Game7, Mirana Ventures, Monoceros Ventures and others.

What sets HyperPlay apart is its unique ability to aggregate other game stores, including the Epic Games Store. Through its MetaMask wallet overlay, players can access their MetaMask wallet from within any game, enabling seamless in-game purchases and the collection of in-game tokens. The integration of MetaMask Snaps now allows games within HyperPlay to request that users add Snaps, expanding the wallet’s functionality and enabling interactions with previously unsupported blockchains.

JacobC.eth, Founder and CEO of HyperPlay, emphasized the company’s mission, stating, “HyperPlay’s mission is to realize the true potential of permissionless, extensible, and interoperable game worlds that empower gamers and developers through great user experience. Integrating MetaMask Snaps positions HyperPlay to support the entire Web3 gaming ecosystem, regardless of what blockchain protocol games are built on.”

This collaboration also benefits game developers, as they gain the tools to design their own custom Snaps and encourage players to install them directly from within the game if launched via HyperPlay. The open-source nature of Snaps ensures that any developer can harness this technology to support new blockchains or invent novel features, thereby fostering innovation within the Web3 gaming space.

MetaMask unveiled its Snaps feature in September 2023, bolstering the platform’s interoperability with various blockchains and transforming it into an all-encompassing, multiprotocol aggregator wallet.

Christian Montoya, Product Lead for MetaMask Snaps at Consensys, highlighted the shared commitment to empower gamers and developers with the benefits of interoperability, saying, “Our deepened integration with HyperPlay highlights one of the ways we bring our ethos of permissionless creativity to life. We have a shared commitment to empower both gamers and developers with the benefits of interoperability to elevate and diversify capabilities of the gaming community.”

As HyperPlay, MetaMask, and their partners forge ahead with their vision of a seamlessly interconnected Web3 gaming universe, the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming industry continue to expand, promising a brighter and more inclusive future for gamers and developers alike.

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