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portable monitor for laptopportable monitor for laptop


In today’s fast-paced era, productivity reigns supreme in the workplace, while leisure time activities that engage and captivate have become a rarity.

SP12 Triple Monitor was born to revolutionize the way we work.

Following the innovative concept of “On-the-Go”, we designed SP12 with the features of being Detachable & Portable to optimize the multitasking experience across multiple screens. Ultra-lightweight body (2.4 lbs) allows you to take it Anywhere & Anytime, boosting your productivity by THREE times.

It is designed to BOOST work productivity and RELIEVE your life.


Useful Triple Monitor Display

portable travel screen for laptopportable travel screen for laptop


As an ultra-lightweight laptop extended monitor, it adheres to the concept of “Portable” and “Attachable” and aims to create an efficient way for people’s work and life.

At-Home Work: Transform your home office into a productivity powerhouse with the LIMINK SP12 Triple Monitor Workstation. Set up your workstation with ease and enjoy the luxury of a triple monitor from the COMFORT of your home. Effortlessly manage multiple tasks, collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, and boost your productivity levels to new heights.Outdoor Work: Take your work outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature while staying productive. With the LIMINK SP12 Lightweight Portable Screen, you can work in a park, coffee shop, or any outdoor setting. Experience the FREEDOM of a triple monitor setup without the constraints of a traditional office environment. Stay focused, inspired, and efficient while enjoying a change of scenery.Business Office: Elevate your business office setup with the LIMINK SP12 Plug&Play Monitor Extender. Impress clients, colleagues, and superiors with your enhanced multitasking abilities. Seamlessly navigate through spreadsheets, presentations, and emails, all on a panoramic display. Boost your PRODUCTIVITY, streamline your workflow, and make a lasting impression in the corporate world.Travel Work Trip: Traveling for work doesn’t mean sacrificing productivity. With the LIMINK SP12 Travel Laptop Tri-screen, you can transform any hotel room or temporary workspace into a fully functional office. Simply attach the portable monitor to your laptop, and instantly expand your screen space. Stay ORGANIZED, efficient, and on top of your tasks, even when you’re on the move.

Just like LIMINK’s brand positioning, SP12 Triple Monitor was born in the electronics industry, but is not limited to the application senarios.

>> It was created by LIMINK but serves you all.

Design Evolutions of Laptop Monitor Extender

dual monitor attachment for laptopdual monitor attachment for laptop


An Attachable Triple Monitor offers variaties of the advantages, making the it a practical and versatile choice for enhancing Productivity and Multitasking capabilities.

Portability: The LIMINK SP12 Laptop Triple Monitor weights only 2.4 pounds, offers the advantage of being highly portable. They can easily folded and stored in your carrying bag, allowing you to carry them with you wherever you go. This makes them ideal for professionals who frequently work on the go or in different locations.Easy Setup: Attachable triple monitors typically have a simple and hassle-free setup process. They usually require only two cables connection to your device, making it quick and convenient to expand your screen space. This ease of setup saves time and effort compared to stand-only or magnetic paste types.Flexibility: SP12 Laptop Monitor Extender provides more flexibility in terms of positioning and adjustability. You can easily adjust the angle and orientation of the attached monitor to suit your preference and optimize your viewing experience. This flexibility allows for greater customization and comfort while working.Space Efficiency: One of the key advantages of SP12 is the space-saving design. Unlike stand-only model that requires additional desk space or magnetic paste that may limit your workspace, “Attachable” utilize the existing screen of your laptop. This saves valuable desk space and allows for a clutter-free setup.Cost-Effectiveness: SP12 is more cost-effective compared to purchasing stand-only or magnetic paste types. They eliminate the need for investing in separate monitor stands or magnetic attachments, reducing overall expenses while still providing the benefits of a triple monitor setup. If you have limited budgets and want to try a Tri-screen Monitor, it is the one.Compatibility: SP12 Laptop Screen Extender is a Plug & Play monitor that is compatible with a wide range of laptops, ensuring that they can be used with various devices(i3/i5/i7/i9/ AMD, M1 Pro/Max, M2 Pro/Max, M3 Pro/Max). This versatility makes them a convenient choice for users who work with different devices or frequently switch between devices.

>Different needs shape diversity. It is the goal of LIMINK to offer a wide range of model options in order to meet the different needs of our customers in an effective way.

Say Goodbye to Screen Clutter and Boost Focus

laptop screen extender monitor portablelaptop screen extender monitor portable


LIMINK 2-in-1 Portable Laptop Monitor will never limites your Creation.

Enhanced Productivity: More displays means you can multitask more efficiently by having multiple windows or applications open simultaneously. This is especially useful for professionals who need to work with multiple documents, spreadsheets, etc.

Gaming Experience: Gamers can enjoy a more immersive gaming experience with a wider field of view and increased screen real estate. It allows for better peripheral vision, enhancing gameplay and providing a competitive edge.

Presentations & Collaborations: People who frequently conduct meetings or presentations can benefit from the extended monitor setup. It allows you to have presentation materials on one screen while interacting with participants or referring to additional resources on the other.

Creative Work: Utilize the extended monitor setup to have workspace expanded, enabling people to have more tools, references, or timelines visible simultaneously. This can enhance the creative workflow and productivity.

Financial Analysis: Traders, financial analysts, and data scientists can benefit from the extended monitor setup to monitor multiple real-time data feeds, charts, and news sources simultaneously. This allows for better analysis, decision-making, and staying updated with market trends.

>We offer a flexible and convenient solution for individuals who needs a more spacious workspace, improved multitasking capabilities, and enhanced visual experiences. Most importantly, we hope that more and more people can benefit from our new design.

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tri screen monitor for laptop freestandingtri screen monitor for laptop freestanding

triple laptop monitor extendertriple laptop monitor extender

triple portable monitor laptoptriple portable monitor laptop

triple extended monitor for laptoptriple extended monitor for laptop

Attachable and Portable

With a Freestanding Setup, you can adjust the position and angle of each monitor individually. This allows you to create a customized viewing experience based on your preferences, especially when face-to face meeting.

Flexibility and Ergonomics

The adjustable Built-in Kickstand enables you to find the most comfortable Viewing Angle and height for your monitors. This promotes better ergonomics, Reducing Strain on your neck and eyes during long hours of use.

Well-Touch and Comfort

The sophisticated lamination and painting process gives the product a Modern and Sleek look. The high quality material resists scratches and everyday wear. Remaining in perfect condition even after frequent use.

Anti-Slip and Protection

It acts as a Protective Layer between the monitor and your laptop, preventing scuffs and other physical damage. And it has anti-slip properties, which helps to keep the monitor securely in place.

triple laptop monitors attachable portabletriple laptop monitors attachable portable

For 11″ to 14″ Monitor Length

It’s a Plug & Play Dual Extended Monitor.

It is compatible with mainstream laptop models that run with Windows and MacOS systems as well as Xbox, PS etc. But you need to pay attention to the dimensions of your laptop screen: both too thick or too large will cause a poor fit to your LTs: loose or unable to carry.

#1. Screen Length: range of 11-14″ (280-360mm)

#2. Screen Thickness: thinner than 0.31″ (< 8mm)

portable monitor for laptop dual screenportable monitor for laptop dual screen

Learn the Installation Steps

#1. Before turning on the triple monitor, make sure to place the clip on top. Open the right screen then the left side. Ensure that both sides of the screen are fully expanded.#2. Make sure both clips on the sides of the back panel are unfolded for stable support before attaching the product to your laptop.

NOTE: please be sure to reset the clips back to original before folding the product, otherwise the monitors may be damaged after partial extrusion.

laptop 3 screen extenderlaptop 3 screen extender

Learn SP12 Connectivity Plans

For most of the LT models, there’re three methods can be applied:

#A. 1 x USB-C port, 1 x HDMI port. Most commonly used connected plan.#B. 2 x USB-C ports. One USB-C to mini-HDMI cable will be used here.#C. 1 x USB-C port, 1 x HDMI port, 1 x USB-A port (DC power). In case USB-C port provide low power supply.

NOTE: the USB-C port cited above should be a full-featured one that supports both power and video transfer, or the monitor cannot be light up normally.

trio screen laptop monitortrio screen laptop monitor

triple laptop monitors attachable portabletriple laptop monitors attachable portable


portable monitor for laptop dual screenportable monitor for laptop dual screen

Unpack Steps

laptop 3 screen extenderlaptop 3 screen extender


trio screen laptop monitortrio screen laptop monitor

Quality Control

Your Experiment Can Always Be Guaranteed!

limink portable monitorlimink portable monitor

Statement for Complaints

1). How to connect and how many connection schedules?

Please check the port group of your laptop first. The SP12 Laptop Monitor Extender can only be connected to devices with #2 x USB-C (video & power transfer) ports or #2 x USB-C (video & power transfer) plus one HDMI port.

2). After completing the connections, the second screen will turn off in one second.

Please check the output power of the USB-C port first. As the USB-C on the left side plays the role of signal and power transfer to the left screen and power transfer to the right screen, low nominal output power cannot support the right screen. When this happens, try plugging a DC power to supply the power. See if the lower power cause the UNWORK.

3). How do I know if a USB C port supports both video and power transfer?

Basically, C ports that come with a “Thunderbolt” symbol are called full-featured USB-C. They can realize the need for transferring both power and signal. Other than that, C ports that come with “D” ports can also act as a role of a full-featured one. Please check from the laptop’s website or consult the LT brand helper.


Please don’t hesitate to tell us whenever you have questions regarding the LIMINK SP12 Tri-Screen Monitor. We will assist you with any problem you may encounter and respond promptly within 24 hours.

# 1. Click L-LIMINK to start the conversation.

# 2. Seek help from the brand support Email.

# 3. Talk to us via Facebook LIMINKTech.


????CARRY EFFICIENCY ON THE GO>> SP12 portable & attachable dual monitor is convenient to set up. Supporting extended/mirror/potrait mode, offers you a smarter way for multi-tasking or screen sharing, helping you increase the working efficiency by 300%. And you can take this mobile workstation with you anytime and anywhere. It also preserves your laptop’s aesthetics. You don’t have to worry about sticky patches damaging your device. All of this makes the SP12 a truly “humanized” product.
????SPACE-SAVING WORKSTATION>> This laptop monitor extender offers a multi-screen display experience within a confined space, resulting in a more organized and clutter-free workspace. With a dual-monitor setup, you can multitask efficiently by delegating tasks to different screens. You can view multiple applications, documents, or web pages simultaneously, editing documents on one screen and checking email or the web on another, saving valuable time by eliminating frequent page changes.
????????LOWER BUDGETS, NOT PERFORMANCE>> The 12″ Portable Triple Laptop Monitor is a cost-effective alternative to larger monitors currently available on the market. It is an affordable option, and a perfect option if you need multiple displays for work or a portable extended displays for travel. A small budget will never limit your options, but it will allow you to add a significant amount of value.
????PLUG & PLAY CONNECTIONS>> The wiring scheme of SP12 dual laptop screen will save your time and effort: no tedious setup and debugging, and no drivers are required. Whether you are an electronics enthusiast or a technology novice, you can get started quickly and eliminate complicated operation steps. Connectivity Plans: 1 x full-featured USB-C port, 1 x HDMI video signal port; 2 x full-featured USB-C ports. Note: the USB-C must support both power and video signal outputs.
????QUALITY PROVIDED BY LIMINK>> With a dedication to using high-quality, eco-friendly materials and pursuing excellence in our production process, such as shell painting, this newly released triple monitor achieves a high level of quality. LIMINK offers a six-month non-reason return policy and a one-year product warranty. If you encounter any issues with connectivity or compatibility, please tell us and we will respond within 24 hours.