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Product Description

laptop screen extenderlaptop screen extender

Product Concept

With the development of technology, many derivative professions have emerged in human society, and job responsibilities have become more complex and technical. People need a tool to help them complete more work in a specified time and have higher efficiency. In this context, triple displays were born. In 2021, people began to not be satisfied with bulky desktop displays. They hope to use laptops anytime, anywhere and have multiple screens to complete work, meeting the needs of business/travel/outings, and portable laptop triple screens were born.

LIMINK is constantly collecting customer voices and committed to developing products that best meet customer needs. We have successively exited the S series and LK series triple screens, and the newly developed SP12 is LIMINK’s latest ultra lightweight portable triple screen. The purpose is to reduce the weight of the triple screen to the lightest and provide a lightweight work tool for frequent business travel professionals.

Product Features:

*Future trend: In today’s fast-paced era, efficiency has become the dominant factor in work. People find it difficult to balance work and life, and need to complete their work more efficiently in order to have more leisure time and spend time with family and friends. SP12 supports adding 2 expansion screens on both sides of a 13-16 inch laptop to improve work efficiency and save time.

*Small and light: Following the concept of portable workstations, we combine multi-screen with foldable and portable features to achieve the ideal state of multi screen operation for laptops and efficient office work anytime, anywhere. The folded SP12 has a volume of 12.5 * 6.7 * 1.7in and weighs 2.4Lb, making it easy to carry at any time.

*Plug and Play: Simplifies the socket, only requires 2 cables to connect, and there is no cluttered desktop. No driver required, network requirements, plug and play, simple and secure connection.

Excellent Display Parameters, Becoming an Elite in the Industry

portable monitor for laptopportable monitor for laptop

Display Features

16.77 million colors: Display any color composed of precise RGB three primary colors, with a maximum support of 16.77 million colors, which is the color limit that the human eye can distinguish.

Upgrade FHD 1080P Mode: With enhanced image quality featuring fine detail and true-color reproduction, showcasing more details in a clear plane.

72% NTSC (100% sRGB) wide color gamut: maximizes the saturation of colors, providing an immersive viewing experience and eye care to prevent fatigue.

IPS display screen: Provides fine image quality, displaying more details in a clear flat surface. The IPS screen is anti glare and has a visual angle of 178 °.

1000:1 contrast: Highlights the brightness of the colors, giving the image a more layered feel, making the shadow contrast more intense, and achieving a pleasing visual experience.

300nit brightness adjustment: Support brightness adjustment from 220-300nit, improve the clarity and visibility of computer screen content, and also reduce eye fatigue. It can also be adjusted according to the usage environment and the brightness of the laptop to save electricity.

60Hz refresh rate: It is smooth enough for most daily applications such as office tasks, web browsing, and watching regular videos to meet the needs of daily use.

Low blue light: Reduce the exposure of blue light to the eyes, control the wavelength of blue light to a lower level, and thus protect the eyes.

3W energy consumption: Two 12 inch low-power LED boards operate with a power of only 3W, and support external power supply and reverse laptop charging, without worrying about battery life.

laptop screen extender monitor portablelaptop screen extender monitor portable

Enlarge font for easy reading

A 12 inch screen can also clearly read articles, and each screen supports individual font adjustments with a magnification of 100% -125% -150% -175%, making the eyes relaxed and reading easy.

triple portable monitor for laptoptriple portable monitor for laptop

Switch freely between 220-300nit

One click easy screen switching, saving power

Easy brightness adjustment with one click, based on usage environment and backlight, for a better viewing experience.

triple monitor for laptoptriple monitor for laptop

Low power consumption, long endurance

3W low power consumption, no burden on laptop batteries, while supporting external power supply and reverse charging of laptops, no need to worry about battery life issues.

laptop triplpe screenlaptop triplpe screen

Easy to carry anywhere

Combining lightweight and foldable features, it weighs 2.4 pounds (about 30% lighter than other triple screens on the market), making it easier to carry and efficient to work at any time.

laptop screen extender monitor portablelaptop screen extender monitor portable

More Details

triple portable monitor for laptoptriple portable monitor for laptop


triple monitor for laptoptriple monitor for laptop

Power Saving

laptop triplpe screenlaptop triplpe screen


laptop monitor extenderlaptop monitor extender


#Time-saving solution: In today’s fast-paced modern life, time is of the essence. Our cutting-edge extended screen offers a perfect solution to your multitasking needs, eliminating the need for repetitive window switching and effectively saving you valuable time. With its hassle-free plug-and-play feature using just two cables, you can seamlessly navigate through your tasks without any delays or concerns.

#Efficient choice: Designed to cater to your efficient work requirements, our product supports multitasking and parallel processing capabilities that will significantly boost your productivity. You have the flexibility to adjust the window layout according to your specific needs, ensuring a more efficient and comfortable working experience. Whether it’s creative design or data analysis, accomplishing tasks has never been easier.

#Enjoy the pleasure of work:Our product allows you to personalize each screen theme, wallpaper, and program distribution based on your preferences and needs. This creates a dedicated workspace tailored specifically for you. By keeping things fresh and enjoyable at all times, LIMINK SP12 triple portable monitor enhances job satisfaction while bidding farewell to stress and fatigue.

*Has Multiple Display Modes:

Mirror mode: It can copy the content of the laptop into a second/third screen and share it with others.

Expansion mode: It can be used as the dual/triple expansion screen, and task pages can be dragged and switched between screens to improve productivity.

Each screen can be independently controlled and different screen modes can be set according to your needs.

laptop dual monitorlaptop dual monitor

Customized Comfortable Angle

Adjust the comfortable perspective according to your personal preferencesExpand the screen and share it with friends and colleaguesNarrow aircraft seat retraction angle adjustment

multi screen for laptopmulti screen for laptop

Ergonomically Designed

Comfortable tilt angle to prevent cervical strainIncrease the contact area between the bracket and the desktop, add rubber pads, and provide stable supportEmbedded bracket rotates and folds upwards, storing to the minimum volume

portable triple screenportable triple screen

Take Care of Your Laptop

Pad1: Top rubber pad and bracket to disperse the pressure of the expansion screen on the laptopPad2: Rubber pad on the back to prevent direct friction between the back of the laptop and the expansion screenPad3: Card slot rubber pad to reduce the pressure of the screen clamp on the laptop screen and protect the screen

multriple screen laptop attachmentmultriple screen laptop attachment

Multifunctional Socket

Port 1: Supports external adapter power supply and charging of laptopsPort 2: Supports the transmission of image signals for SP12 laptopsPort 3: Supports laptop to transmit power and image signals for SP12

laptop dual monitorlaptop dual monitor


multi screen for laptopmulti screen for laptop


portable triple screenportable triple screen

Protect Pad

multriple screen laptop attachmentmultriple screen laptop attachment


Plug and Play, No Driver Required

triple portable monitor for laptoptriple portable monitor for laptop


Step 1: Confirm your laptop port

# 1: Equipped with 2 full function USB-C ports(thunderbolt 3/4), connected using 2 cables

# 2: Equipped with 1 full function USB-C port(thunderbolt 3/4) and 1 HDMI port, connected using 2 cables

Reminder: The USB-C port needs to support the transmission of video signals. You can check whether it is labeled with “D” or lightning identification, or check the configuration information online, or consult our team to inform us of your laptop brand and model.

Step 2: Suitable for 13-16 inches laptop, the screen data must meet the following requirements:

# 1. Screen Length: 11-14 inches (280-360mm)

# 2. Screen Thickness: shorter than 0.31 inches (<8mm)

Step 3: Confirm the system and chips of your laptop

# 1. Compatible with all branded laptop for MACOS, Windows, and Linux systems, unable to support Chrome system

# 2. Compatible with all Intel, AMD, M1/2/3 RPO&MAX, unable to support MAC M1 M2 chips


Using an external power adapter can achieve higher brightness and longer laptop battery life

Some laptops may not display the 2nd screen for the first time. You need to: Settings – Display – Arrange displays, select the “3 display” – Select Expand those Screens

# 1. Compatible 13-16″ MacBook Pro with M1/2/3 Pro series and M1/2/3 MAX series chips, Compatible 13-16″ MacBook Pro with Intel series chips

# 2. NOT Compatible MacBook AIR & MacBook Pro with M1 and M2 chips. NOT Compatible Chromebook series laptops.

triple screen monitor for laptoptriple screen monitor for laptop


Q1:Not sure if it fits your laptop?

A:Please tell us the brand & detailed model number.

Q2:What about the return of goods?

A: Supports returns for 3 months

Q3: What to do if it is damaged during use ?

A:Non intentional damage, support for 6 months of free replacement with old for new.

Q4:What should I do when a monitor shows’ no signal ‘?

A:Insufficient voltage of the laptop (requiring 5V/3A or above) may cause it to not function properly; The laptop USB-C cannot support the transmission of image signals; Contact LIMINK team.

Q5:What should I pay attention to when using it for the first time

A: Ensure correct installation and connection of cables; When folding, please fold the left screen first and then the right screen.

Q6:What should I pay attention to when carrying it out?

A:Please try to purchase LIMINK’s carry bag to use with it, providing better protection for your triple screen. Avoid bumping, falling, or getting wet during transportation.

Q7: How to make my laptop have more ports to connect to LIMINK triple monitor or other devices?

A: Please try to purchase a LIMINK USB-C Docking Station connection more device.

?【It’s not an artwork, it’s a strength faction 】The SP12 triple portable monitor is equipped with two 12 inch displays, each with a Upgrade FHD1080P, 100% SRGB color gamut, 16.7 million display colors, a 60Hz refresh rate, 178 ° angle of view, 1000:1 contrast, 300nit brightness, and a 5ms response time. You can not only experience the stunning visual effects brought by the three screens, but also feel the efficiency and convenience they bring to you.
?【Devote to work and love it】If you have ever been troubled by the cluttered overlapping task windows and frequent page switching on the screen, you can use SP12 to achieve screens [1 to 3] and open more pages, execute more tasks, improve efficiency by 300%, simplify page distribution, and have a pleasant work mood. The back bracket supports tilt adjustment, and the two side can adjust the rotation angle by 180 °, which can be adjusted to the most comfortable angle according to user needs.
?【Ultra lightweight & portable, making travel exciting】2023 advanced design, the screens on both sides of the SP12 triple monitor for laptop can be folded inward to avoid exposure to external damage during carrying. The design of the back panel and hinge of the triple screen extender has been optimized, and the weight has been optimized to 2.4 pounds (weight=2 coffee). You can fold it and carry it with your laptop, allowing you to have a triple screen experience when traveling or on business.
?【Although the spark is small, it has everything】A 12″ screen can also shine with extraordinary brilliance, with each screen supporting separate brightness adjustment of 220-300nit, Upgrade 768P to 1080P resolution adjustment, and image ratio adjustment. You can adjust the brightness to a stronger level outdoors for a clearer effect, and when reading documents with smaller fonts, you can increase the proportion of the screen to 150% for a better reading experience.
?【Ultra low power consumption, never extinguished】The power consumption of SP12 is only 3w, which will not burden the battery life of the laptop. The additional USB-C on the back supports you to connect an additional power adapter to reverse power the SP12 and charge the laptop. If your laptop is equipped with either [2 fully functional USB-C] or [1 fully functional USB-C+1HDMI], you only need 2 cable connections, making the desktop simple and easy to connect. Not applicable to MACBOOK AIR.