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Welcome to LAIX Studio, a hub where innovation intertwines with the playful spirit of gaming. Our focus is on designing unique gifts that capture the essence of internet culture and the dynamic world of gaming. Each item in our collection reflects a commitment to creativity, from meme-inspired merchandise to gaming-centric accessories.

[May the Force be with you]Master Yoda helps you manage your books with true Jedi force. You can pick up the first book from inside and hide the vertical partition so that it looks like Master Yoda used the Force. The force is strong with this bookend.
[There are Yoda patterns on both sides] Unlike most Yoda bookends on the market, this bookend has Yoda patterns printed on both sides. In other words, whether it is to the left or right, the force is with you.
[Exquisite workmanship] Exquisitely processed rounded corners, high-quality printed patterns, and good anti-slip effect. As a gift, this is a very good choice.
[100% after-sales guarantee] If there is any damage during transportation, please feel free to contact us. We will contact Amazon to resend the new product for you.
[Please note before buying] For a more perfect appearance, the product does not have a baffle on the other side. The product weighs about 500 grams and can hold about 7 books. We strongly recommend that you use it to display your Star Wars books and DVDs.