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(as of Mar 31, 2024 16:41:06 UTC – Details)

Product Description

drones for kidsdrones for kids

dronedrone 360° Flips

This small drone can perform different types of 360° flips! It offers the opportunity to experiment with different flight patterns, combinations and sequences, allowing pilots to personalize their flying style and create unique aerial performances.

drone for kids 8-12drone for kids 8-12 3 Speed Modes

Each speed mode offers different responsiveness and maneuverability characteristics, allowing pilots to tailor the drone’s behavior to their specific needs. Starting in low-speed mode, novice pilots can practice basic flight maneuvers, gain confidence.

mini dronemini drone Full Protection & DurabIe

Propeller guards work wonders – they allow this mini drone to survive longer than any other drone without guards, since propeller damage is the #1 killer of drones. This is a great gift for kids or adults who want to learn how to destroy drones without a huge financial impact.

kids dronekids drone High-speed Rotation

The high speed rotation of the mini drone adds an element of excitement, creativity and entertainment to its flight. When you are enjoying acrobatic maneuvers, the rapid rotation of the mini drone provides an engaging and enjoyable experience for pilots and spectators alike.

small dronesmall drone Stable Hovering

Drones with stable hovering capabilities provide pilots with a smooth and enjoyable flight experience. The ability to maintain a stable position in the air makes flight more stable and comfortable. This feature is especially important when flying in confined spaces or near obstacles.

rc dronerc drone One-key Takeoff/ Landing

The one-key takeoff and landing feature provides a convenient way to start and end a drone flight. With the push of a button, the drone can easily take off from the ground or land smoothly. These features make drone operation easier, especially for beginner or those with limited piloting experience.

flying droneflying drone Mini Size

Mini drones are perfect for indoor flying due to their small size and maneuverability. They can easily maneuver through tight spaces, hallways and rooms. They can easily fit into a backpack or even a pocket for easy transportation and deployment.

drone minidrone mini 2 Batteries and Charging Cable

With 2 batteries and 1 charging cable, you can get back and enjoy your flight faster. Honestly, each battery lasts about 7-9 minutes. More flips and faster speeds will reduce the flight time per battery. The batteries charge fairly quickly with the fast USB charging adapter.

FULL FUNCTIONALITY AND FUN: The drone can perform one-key takeoff/landing, hovering flight, 360° flip and high-speed automatic rotation. The altitude hold function allows it to hover stably at a fixed altitude. In headless mode, the direction is always related to the direction the pilot is facing. Speed can be changed to suit the pilot’s flying proficiency. Boys and girls will love this safe and simple mini drone.
SAFETY AND DURABLE: The mini quadcopter is made of high quality ABS material, which not only withstands multiple collisions or drops, but also provides enhanced protection for the propellers and motors to ensure longevity. Its unique structural design with four sturdy propeller guards prevents potential injury to hands and body from the rotating blades, ensuring the safety of child pilots.
USER FRIENDLY: Mini drone toys are designed with simplicity in mind for kids and beginners. They often feature easy-to-use controls, intuitive flight modes, and simple features that allow kids to quickly learn and enjoy the experience of flying a drone.
EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Remote control drone toys provide kids with a fun and engaging experience that fosters imagination, creativity, and interest in technology while providing hours of enjoyment and exploration. Mini drone toys are often cheaper compared to large, professional-grade drones. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to let your kids experience the fun of flying. Definitely a great birthday/Christmas/holiday gift for kids or friends!
Tips: Reading the instruction manual and understanding how the drone operates will help you make the most of its features and avoid any potential problems. This is a mini drone, please operate it in a windless or indoor environment to avoid being blown away by the wind. The maximum control distance of the drone is 164 feet, beyond which it will not be controllable.