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everyone, hope you’re all doing well SHIBA INU COIN
I know is down 3% today which is not that bad since we got
the CEO announcement. Now the volume is back up.

And now it’s also down 23% But
that’s not as bad as yesterday, where it was down by 30% what I wanted to talk
about is something very very important, important important news, and that is Satoshi, the CEO of SHIBA
, you know, tweeting once again, the thing going to crash in the
first five minutes with your mouth of users waiting on it, and there’s so many
people waiting for the new SHIBA

Do you want to learn which is the  BEST PLACE TO BUY SHIBA INU COIN either on binance or coinbase? So lets go.


If you
don’t know what SHIBA INU COIN
is it’s basically
gonna attract a lot of new users trying to stake their tokens, which will in
turn, earn a new token called Bone.

Bone is
a very important token that we will see a lot of uses in the future. The
current test trying to break in large numbers and to  see how bone will be affected by a large
number of users and the large influx of Aetherium, and of course, they’re still
testing it, the site is ready, everything is happening, seems like the site is
actually being here in the following days but what we have to wait, however, is
to see if the site can withhold so many users, they know that we’ll have so
many 1000 users at some point you know maybe 250,000 users on the site itself
trying to take the tokens, and they’re trying to prevent that crash that will
come with this,

they’re trying to break it with large numbers and to see how bone will be
affected by large number of users.

So of
course, a lot of people will be staking their tokens, they’re still testing
things so far, but already finished it’s coming pretty much soon.

sure about anyone else but once launch I’m gonna let it soak for a week or two
while they work out the bugs, I think they have already fixed the bug so far
and, you know, it’s not like a piece of software to be updated at once they
push out the code that Aetherium blockchain is there for life so it’s always
gonna be there, it’s gonna be there for life and you want to SHIBA INU

you know, proof that it actually works. So that’s why we have a version 2,
version 3 and version 1 uniswap.

can update what they already pushed and that’s really really important news for anyone, you know
maybe waiting to actually stake their tokens for any new users out there, this
is pretty important news.


SHIBA swap is
the first biggest thing for utility. If you don’t know what SHIBA swap basically is you could trade your
tokens, you can stake them, you can you know buy NF T’s there will be so many
things on this platform, and this will be the first utility case for SHIBA INU
by you know, it’s not it’s gonna overtake Dogecoin, simply
the fact that it has more users than Dogecoin already, just for their first
biggest update so far, and that’s what they’re pretty excited about from what
I’ve seen, what I do think is the SHIBA coin will also get new members
in seeing well there’s profit if I hold my coins on this side for six months,

I will
be earning extra cash called bone and you can earn only on bone you cannot even
go and buy it, but you can only earn it by staking it so you can only buy it from others, or you can actually
earn it by, you know from staking.

How to Buy SHIBA INU on Binance | The EASIEST Method (No EXTRA

So it’s
really important than cost because that means you know, a lot of bone build
starts at the supply, those are zero don’t know what the supply can add to it,
but it’s very very likely that it will also be limited supply.

So bone
is pretty crucial tokens so far, it’s one of the first coins that actually
starts from zero don’t have just the
market cap supply of 3 trillion or 15 trillion or 300 or one quadrillion,

you know it is limited so that’s something important.

So, as
it is on the market at the start, its supply will be very limited for the
following years as well, and anonymous drivers to target the billionaire Elon Musk would have caused it, but the
correlation of bitcoins value for his cavalier tweets and says he shows this
regard for average where he person.

Now I
think that’s pretty scary to be honest if I was Elon Musk, now people have been
saying that much, I was excited about knowing when they first did but Bobby,
you know, if they haven’t been mostly useless.

few of their tracks have any deed, my local anonymous group stands in the
middle of is our set down set there in a circle where backstitched are facing
outwards holding laptops playing some, you know Conspiracy Documentary, of
course, all the people don’t believe they’re gonna be doing anything, but I
think it’s pretty important news and
I’m speaking out of Elon Musk, a lot
of people actually massive amounts of money.

people lost their savings, Galina Musk decided hey I don’t like Bitcoin anymore. I’m just gonna create some Fudd
and spread it around.

course, not hate Elon Musk I
actually do love him, but with every single tweet like that, the market keeps crashing it just tells you
that there’s a lot of people pulling on what Elon Musk, tweets
, and that’s
completely fine, Elon Musk has a following of 60 million people.

He’s a
worldwide influencer. Imagine if Jeff
said We’re never accepting SHIBA INU COIN
as a payment platform, what would that happen to SHIBA
price, of
course it will spike up because it will give you a SHIBA INU, a new
some attention, but we can see so far that Elan
tweet something like that, and he’s one of the richest people, it
definitely brings a lot of concern to the crypto
overall, it’s just like some sort of thought, I don’t know about crypto bank ban, where do they tell you
no, we’re not going to be accepting crypto
we’re not going to be letting people or seniors actually invest in crypto.

So how
anonymous will react. We shall see. I’m hoping it won’t be anything too
drastic, what we’re going to be seeing so far there’s a lot of things, you
know, and everyone is super excited for this one.

there’s a trillionaire actually in SHIBA INU buying a lot of SHIBA INU COIN
so far.

buy 1 billion SHIBA COIN
for every retweet and 100
forever like during the weekend
will post proof on Monday, pass it on. So, the SHIBA INU COIN
is actually going all into this one so maybe he’ll invest like a million, maybe
he’ll miss 2 million, who knows, like, it’s possible, and he’s seriously
increasing the demand for this spoon, from what I’m seeing so far, also with a
waiting list on 63 exchanges and this is what I’m so lucky so far it’s getting
a mainstream adoption, where pretty much
soon it will be listed on
and not just a massive number, which will increase the volume and
price, long term, We’re getting a lot of things so far, and you know it’s
getting bigger and bigger.

Dogecoin coin, it
only getting further and further from the actual dominance, unless Dogecoin
really steps up, SHIBA you know has a massive advantage right now, and
people are really, really excited about this people want small changes in the SHIBA
unit price and if you wait in long term, this could actually happen in
the future, especially with SHIBA smart being almost ready.

probably going to be seeing some sort of an increase after SHIBA does
well, it’s really important to note here people here in the comments down below
are very excited about this and we’ve been waiting since April so far and far
thing if it’s safe, it’s definitely safe because it’s past the third thick
audit, or one of the biggest and most influential audits, it’s almost impossible for SHIBA to be hacked, so
you cannot lose your coins, of course, I think there will be some sort of equality
with how you know repaid those who lost the investment, but we can see so far
as he spent millions on security with so many exchanges being hacked. 

I can see so far SHIBA INU is still looking pretty well, especially
after she was swap launches, I think
we should be seeing a small short increase.

Now I
don’t think it will 100x After the SHIBA spoke, this is still big news
after the SHIBA INU  swap launches, we
could be expecting you know long term potential steady growth especially with
the nations being gone from village burning only 3% of the nation’s left, that
is still a very large thing, when that gets sold off, we expect to buy new at the brokerage.

Well, SHIBA INU must stop is the start
of a long term growth for SHIBA by the at the highest we saw again on
financial advice is just the beginning of
what we’re about to see, SHIBA swap
must actually change the ecosystem as a whole, it will change SHIBA INU by
no forever.

What do
you think about SHIBA INU swap, what do you think about SHIBA INU
let me know.

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