WHAT IS PI NETWORK | Do you know about pioneer cryptocurrency & whats the today’s
latest updated news of pcoin & price in 2023. H
ow much is pi coins worth?.


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Introduction –

to another trending article. In today’s article, we are going to take another
look at pi network and application
that I reviewed in some of my recent
articles and that I’m using myself on my phone
to mine
, a so-called pi coin.

But in
this article I’m going to provide you with all
the answers that you might be looking for
. No matter if it is like, what
can you do with your PI coins. How much
are they worth
? How to withdraw PI coins? What is
pi exactly who is behind the pi network
? Is PI a scam or legit? And so on.

promise, you’re likely to find the answers.
In this question and answer session
, if you didn’t find them already in the pi network FAQ or the pi
white paper. Now obviously if you want to know the most about the pi network I recommend that you read
this article fully.

if you already have some basic understanding and you’re just looking for the answer to one specific question.

jump right into it and start off with the question
what exactly is a pipe network high network is a new cryptocurrency that allows
you to mined
. The new coin called pi
coin on your phone
, by simply pressing a button once per day.

 As you notice, I used air quotes for the word mine and for the word cryptocurrency and that’s for a special reason that brings us to two follow-up questions is the pi network in real cryptocurrency. And the answer to that is not
yet the pi network is a project that aims to create and launch a new cryptocurrency called pi.

In three phases and currently, the project is
in phase two
, and according to the core team we will see phase
three when it becomes a real cryptocurrency within the next 12 months so either
at the end of 2021 when early 2022, and the second follow up question would be
is, do you actually mined pi coins on your phone, or not and the answer is
no, you’re not really mine your phone because unlike Bitcoin which uses proof
of work so where you actually have to do calculations for example with your
computer or with a dedicated ASIC miner pi
coins use the stellar consensus protocol,
and that basically means that the
PI coin supply the pre-created by the PI
core team

So all coins already exist and you’re not
mining them, but you simply receive the reward every time you push the button in the pie network application.

 Every time you start the app once per day and push the button to start your mining session you receive coins credited to your account
for completing the 24-hour mining session
, and that also answers common questions that I see
over and over again like, how is it possible that even though I close the app so I quit the app on my phone I still receive the coins.

How is it possible that even though I’m
offline I receive the coins How is it possible that even though I turn off my
phone I receive the coins
, the answer is because you’re not really mining the coins on your phone,
you simply get them credited after 24 hours, which again brings us to another
follow up question that I see often.

As a
result, it’s why do we have to mine So why do we have to push that button once
per day done at all if the coins
already exists. And the answer to that is actually quite simple once you start
to think about it, because in order for pi
network to succeed

So to
establish a value for their coin
wants to reach phase three at the end of 2023 or early 2022. They need an active
and that community needs to be big enough. Now if you signed up
in 2019, when the pi network project actually started, and you
wouldn’t have to open the app once
per day, chances are that by now you would have already forgotten everything
about the project and when they go
live, you wouldn’t even know that you have any coins, which means pi
would fail and be dead in the water because they would have maybe
millions of users, but none of them would be active.

So by
providing you with an incentive so you receive coins for opening the app once per day and pressing a button, they
make sure that as many users as possible stay up to date and involved in the
project because every day you open the app,
you are able to see any news that they might publish on the apps home screen,
and you stay more involved with the project
which means you don’t miss the launch of pi network, which means when they reach phase three at the end of 2021 or early
2022, you will actually be an active member and willing and looking forward to
use your coins, which is a core element for pi to have a chance of the successor of succeeding in which explains
why you receive pi coins for pushing a
button once per day
, although those pi
pretty much already exist and there is no mining involved, and that
thought process actually already provides us with the answer to another very
popular question or argument from people that claim the pi network would be a scam.

people say that the pi network  is
just a pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing scheme
because you receive a
bonus when somebody signs up with your
referral code

And if
we think about it we realize why that is high network needs a huge amount of
active users once they achieve phase
, which again is scheduled for late
2021 or early 2022
, because only if they have enough users at that point
and especially active users, they have a chance that PI Point, actually establishes itself as a currency like a plant and
outlined in the PI network white paper.

order to do that, they provide users with an incentive for inviting new users
because if there would be no incentive you could say I’m not going to tell
other people about it so I have a bigger share of the pi.

But by
providing you with an incentive so you mined more coins when you invite other
users and they are also active, you actually have a reason to promote pi network to other people and
inviting new users doesn’t only help you because you suddenly get a mining boosts when those people are
actively mining in your team, but it also helps the whole pi ecosystem because again, the more people are active once pi reaches phase three, the higher the
chances that pi actually establish itself as a currency on the market now both
previous points we covered until now.

So the
fact that you receive coins more or less out of thin air and they’re not
actually mined on your phone, as
well as the fact that you receive an incentive or a referral bonus for inviting
new users
also brings us to another topic the KYC process.

people make allegations that the KYC process is something that no other cryptocurrency
does and it’s just the proof or evidence
or whatever that pi network is a scam aiming to get or gain access to your
personal data
, but if we think about that for a second we realize a few things.

of all because pi network grants your
referral bonus
so when you have people that join your team and they are actively mining you are mining faster.

means it opens pi up for potential fraud,
because I could just install BlueStacks which is an android emulator on my
computer and then if my computer is powerful enough run 100 virtual Android
devices and have them all use the referral code from my main pay account, which
means I would not actually bring new users to the system but it would artificially increase my mining rate.

Now the
only real way to prevent that and to ensure that every person only has one account is by introducing a KYC process now KYC stands for know your customer, and it pretty much means you
have to prove that you are who you say you are, and it ensures that you can
only have one verified pi account,
and all other accounts.

So if you created multiple accounts, they
will eventually be deleted and their coins
get burned
, but not only the coins
on your fake accounts on duplicate accounts get burned
, but also the coins that you received as a bonus from
those duplicate fake or bot accounts or however you want to call it, and that
ensures that in the end, the pi supply only contains coins that have been mined
from unique verified human beings like me and view.

that’s why pi network needs a KYC
, and why it’s actually in all our benefit that they have one because otherwise, tech-savvy people could manipulate the system,
improve and increase their mining rates artificially
and gain a huge unfair advantage
that would just harm the whole pi

obviously, that still leaves the question is the KYC process secure, and in my perspective, this is one of the
points where you actually have to give pi
and the core team huge credit because they didn’t just implement
the feature in the application where I
asked you to upload your passport or driving license or something and then
stores it on pi network servers

they decided to use an established third
company called yoti for the KYC process with yoti we get to another
set of questions because there are people that claim yoti is not legit because they have a set or a bunch of negative reviews on
the App Store

But if
you think about it, if you have an app
that you only use to verify your account. Are you going to spend time to leave
a positive review if everything
works flawlessly in just a couple of minutes? Why are you only are more likely
going to go to the App Store and
leave a negative review.

you’re, for some reason declines your ID, which most likely is your own fault.
Now obviously that alone is not proof enough that is legit and that you can
trust it with your personal data, but if you do a little research you can go to
Google and just enter your yoti certifications, you will actually find
their help center article that I’m going to share with you right nowhere.

That explains, which
organizations yoti is working with and what kind of certifications they’ve
received over the years and are currently holding. And once you read that
you’ll actually realize that is one of the best
solutions that pi network
could have chosen for their KYC process, because if you dig a little deeper you’ll also see
that if you upload your passport for example in yoti. It’s only visible for the
verification process.

the passport has been confirmed it gets stored encrypted and basically is not available to anyone anymore but used
so you didn’t only store the information that your name, your birthdate your
address and everything that you entered and wanted to verify is actually valid,
but at no point is anyone, not even guilty themselves able to look at the
picture of your passport or driving license, again, I could share more screens
here about things like that. But really, if you just take five minutes to look
up the yoti website and read some of the articles look at the certifications,
you’ll see that you have nothing to worry about with yoti.

Now it
brings us or it leaves us with another question, what kind of data does the pi network actually get from yoti once you proceed with your KYC verification
and initially, I thought
yoti will
just tell pi
okay, that user is verified or not, but it turns out, forwards
a little bit more information but nothing that’s in my opinion really sensitive
information, to be more precise once you get asked by the pi network to complete the KYC process and link it with your yoti account the pi network receives from yoti the
following information they receive your first name, last name, date of birth, your mobile phone number if you’ve
entered it, your email address your gender, your nationality, and something
calls Do you remember me ID, and that remember me ID basically just allows a pi network to again recheck at a later

you’re still verified. Now another strong indicator that pi network isn’t just an app aim to scam you out of your
personal information and solid is the fact that yoti actually charges pi network for each verification.

And if
you take a look at the yoti website,
you can see that the verification usually costs one British pound or as of
today $1.37 now pi network provided
100,000 verification slots so far. So, even if they got some volume discount or
something like that, I would say that they ended up paying between 50 and
100,000 pounds, just to provide those KYC slots.

simply ask yourself if you were to create an application with the sole purpose
to steal users personal information, including their government IDs, would you
either just go ahead and create a simple interface in your own applications
where users can take pictures of their passport driving license and upload

So you
have the whole data, and maybe lie about encrypting
stuff and so on in your own privacy policy. Why would you pick a third-party
provider where you actually will have to pay $1 or more per verification and in the end, you won’t even get
access to the real sensitive data. Now obviously that’s no solid proof that pi network is not a scam aiming for
your personal data, but if that isn’t more than solid evidence that should get
rid of all the doubts that people have in that aspect.

I don’t
know what it is. Now I realize I should have mentioned this at the beginning of
the article. But before I forget it completely I want to point one thing out.
We live in a society where everyone is innocent until proven guilty and usually
the burden of proof lies with the person that makes the accusations.

So if
somebody shows up and says pi a scam.
They are the ones that have to provide proof or strong evidence. It’s not my
job, or your job or anybody else’s job to disprove their claims they would
actually have to show evidence and so far every person, every comment, every
Reddit discussion that I had with people that claim pi a scam was not able to
show any kind of proof or even strong circumstantial evidence.

So far
what I’ve seen is people not doing research properly not spending 15 minutes to
check their claims and just running around screaming pi a scam, without any solid proof, because they simply don’t
bother to do the proper research to see that it’s actually a huge opportunity
and a legitimate project, I can’t say for sure, but I’m almost willing to bet
that it was the same thing when Bitcoin
and people also ran around and said it’s a scam it will never be worth anything and so on.

today, those same people regret that they didn’t buy or mined Bitcoin back when
it was pretty much for free. Now since we already touched a subject that the PI core team actually has to spend a ton of money for the KYC verification.

Not to
mention the service that they have to keep up and running for you to even use
the app that keeps track of all your
balances referrals and so on. I want to quickly, deal with another claim and
that claim or accusation is that pi network would just be a scam,
trying to lure people into using the app
so once per day they push a button, watch an ad and the core team makes revenue
from the advertising and gets rich off them.

Now, we
already know that the ad revenue is used to pay for the KYC verifications and
that those verifications are not cheap. On top of that, you also have to
consider that within the pi network app in
your settings you actually can disable ads, not to mention that in the third world
countries like for example I am
currently living in Ukraine.

haven’t seen one single app yet most
likely because the advertising networks
that pi network users within the application
, don’t have advertising targeting Ukraine, and they most likely
have more ads for first world countries than they have for the third world

 However, we all know that pi network is more popular
in countries like the Philippines
and other
third world countries,
which again means that from a majority of users pi network will not make any ad revenue
because either the users disabled the
that are perfectly fine, or the app network provider that they’re
using doesn’t have ads or ad volume to show in a lot of third world countries,
and if we combine that with the fact that pi network actually is paying for servers and databases to run on Amazon Web Services.

And on
top of that also pays for KYC verifications at the IoT, we can pretty much rule
out that it’s just a scam to make ad
revenue for the core team
. On the contrary, if you want to see an app that most likely is just aiming to
do that.

recommend that you check my spotter
network or spotter crypto review
article, because that’s actually an app
that has a lot of red flags that indicate that it’s nothing else than trying to
generate ad revenue for the creators without ever planning to develop a cryptocurrency.

recommend that you finish this article first to really have all the facts about the pi network. Now before we
move on to the more basic questions

How you can withdraw your PI coin?

what they are worth how you can use them?

what a PI notes?

I want to quickly answer another big question. Who
is actually behind pi network
because I’ve seen ridiculous claims there as
well and I want to deal with that stuff
, once and for all?

I want
to already point out that the things that I’m going to show you right now.
Everybody can find and double-check if dibala to do five minutes of research, and
in order to show you who’s actually
behind the pi network 
and you can see
that we’re currently within the app
, and here we can see something interesting.

The PI network app is actually provided by a company called a social chain. Now
people have no clue how to do proper research and not pay attention
Obviously visit social change, calm and find this company here, which
specializes in basically reselling personal data or creating apps revolving
around personal data and so on.

then people start crying about pi
network being a scam just selling your personal data and so on
. However, if
we go back to the App Store and we
actually do a little bit of digging, we can scroll down to find the privacy policy of the pi network, which I
have already opened up but I’m going to open it up again in a new tab here.

And you
can see that the PI network privacy
policy is hosted on a domain called social chain dot app
, which is not thesocialchain.com. Now
when we look up the, who is entries for social chain app.

 Unfortunately, we see that the domain is using privacy protection so
we cannot find any information as to who owns that domain. The same goes for mine pi.com, where we also can see exactly who
owns the domain, but we already figured out just by clicking on the privacy
policy that social chain.com so the
social chain company that would indicate that pi is selling your data is not the same as social chain dot F.

Now if
we follow further and we go to the Thai
, we can actually scroll down and see that the copyright information
indicates social chain, Incorporated, which indicates that it’s an American
based company now doing a little bit more research by visiting the PI team page and seeing the free people
in the core team, we can look up all three people on LinkedIn, all we
noticed that Qingdao fun doesn’t
have a profile picture and apparently isn’t really using LinkedIn which is not
an indicator that he doesn’t exist or anything like that.

It just
means for whatever reason that person doesn’t like or use LinkedIn. Now that we
know the names of the free people within
the PI core team
and we know that the company responsible for pi network is called social chain, Inc. for
Incorporated, we can use Google and we can find things like the hire.com page for a pi network, which provides us with some other information
and the crucial information here is that the company is incorporated in Palo Alto, California, USA, and with that piece of
we can Google further and we can find the incorporation
documents of that company, we can see that the company was actually
incorporated on the 14th of September

And we
can see here that this is a branch in
Palo Alto
, and that the agent is Qingdao fun, so the person that we see
here, as part of the core team is actually the person that incorporated social
chain, dot, Inc. In addition to that, we can also jump from the branch here to
the actual headquarter or main entity entry on the open corporates website,
although it’s going to contain the same information because of the social chain,
Inc. Corporation does not have multiple branches so the simplest net ever taking a closer look at the branch entry for social chain dot, Inc.

We can
even find the incorporation registration documents and we can click on them,
and then click on the filing URL, and we can see the original documents that
have been submitted that again show fun Qingdao as the person responsible for
social change, Inc. and not as many people that don’t bother to do proper
research, social chain.com which is an entirely different company.

Now, so
far we’ve covered a lot of different things we looked into who’s actually
behind the pi network, we answered the question of why there is a KYC
and why you can trust your
with your personal information, we answered the questions if the pi network is already a real cryptocurrency.

Why you
actually have to open the app once
per day and push a button when there’s no real mining going on what the
advertising revenue is used for and so on so we already provided a ton of
evidence that shows the PI network is
legit that they are actually serious about creating the cryptocurrency called
, that it’s worth jumping on the opportunity and mining the coins while you still can do so for free.

there is still one other argument that most people that claim without proof that pi network is a scam usually
, and it is if the pi network
is actually aiming and working on becoming a cryptocurrency.

come there’s no public GitHub repository and how come we cannot see any code
and they’re not running a test and so on. And the answer to that is, you are simply wrong pi network already has
their pi network node application and we’re going to answer a few questions
about it later in the article
, which
allows you to run a PI network node

notice a corner element in their blockchain
of the pi network which helps basically verify transactions with the PI network and
so on
, and currently, pi network is
running their test net
, however, just because you install the node doesn’t
mean that your node will actually be used in the so-called consensus container.

So it
means you may install the PI node,
you may set it up, but unless you have a very high availability so your
computer’s running 24 /7 and the PI node
is also running 24/7  for quite a
long time.

node may not get chosen, which means your node will do nothing. That’s also the
reason why most people don’t have proof that the PI nodes, actually, are in progress, or exist, so only if your node
gets chosen by the pi network for their
test net right now you will be able to see more data.

I’m not running my PI node 24/7.
That’s why my note hasn’t been chosen either but doing a little research
talking to a few people and paying attention to what other people are posting
on the PI network subreddit, I was
able to find this screenshot here, which shows you the PI network node application from a user that actually got chosen to
run the PI network node, and it
proves that pi network is actually
running the test net and working on getting to the main net which would be
phase three of the project with that I’ve covered literally every argument that
people that claim by the network would be a scam have been throwing at me for the
last couple of months
, I’ve literally disproved or at least provided very
strong evidence that their claims are baseless.

And so
far, not one of those people was able to provide even one shred of evidence
that would indicate a tie network would be a scam, whereas all the things that
you’ve seen up until now in this article actually show you or prove to you that
pi network is a legitimate project and a
great opportunity

brings us to the last accusation that I ran into over and over again when
discussing pi network with people that
claim it’s a scam, but it’s not against the pi network,
it’s against me personally, every time I provide them with facts
that their statements are based less than zero
proof or evidence
and I provide them
with facts that actually show that pi network is legit
, they come up with
well you probably get paid for your videos or you anyway just create paid

article I also provided you with a lot
of proof and logical conclusions that substantiate or support that opinion
And as a result, it also means because it’s often my opinion that here and there I may be wrong Why to make a mistake,
just like the people that mistake, thesocialchain.com website with the social chain company responsible
for pi network.

It also
happens to me that here and there I make a mistake while I appreciate if you
trust my statements in my opinion 100%. It’s always great if you also do a
little bit of your own research and double-check things if they are really
relevant to you.

with that let’s jump into all the crazy
and things that I’ve seen on others channel social media and so
on, that is not really about if pi is a
and who’s behind it and so on. And let’s start off with the question
that I hate the most but I also see the most often.


you pay attention to any of my pi
article if you even read the first
question and answer in the official pie network FAQ like literally
if you
do any kind of research you will find
the answer
, you cannot use PI
network or pi coins
, until they reach phase
and become a real currency.

As of
now, each of your PI coins is worth
exactly $0
, and it may only have a value. Once phase three is reached, and coins
can be used, which also answers the

what’s the value of pi coins. pi coins are worth exactly nothing until
the project reaches phase three
and you can use the coins to trade or exchange them on popular exchanges, or until the pi network team includes an internal
where you could say I want to sell my used Xbox for 200 pi coins.

that question is usually followed by I found decent add value for pi coins on that on that website. Now every website that you can find at the moment
that shows you a value for pi coins is
one of two things

it’s using the page as a placeholder so they already plan to show the value of pi in the future, and right now it just
chose a random number, which is not great but it is the way it is, when it’s simply a fake website, every person
that tells you that pi has a value that
you can cash it out on PayPal or something like that
, all of that is bogus
by has no value until it reaches phase

 And with that, let’s jump to the next question is pi free money, no pie is not free money yes you can get the coins for free but that doesn’t make it
free money.

It will
only have a value if and when it achieves phase
and can be traded, and that value will depend on a lot of things.


 If you think about currencies doesn’t matter
if it’s Bitcoin US dollars, whatever
you think about all of those only have value because enough people agree that
they have a value.

If you
take Bitcoin for example it’s just Bits and Bytes on the computer on the
network, but there is no real thing that you can hold yet enough people agree
that one bitcoin is worth more than $30,000
and that’s why that value exists.

So what
will the value of pi be once it launches?
That is totally up to us as pi network
. If the majority of pi network
users are not willing to use or sell their
coins for less than $1 per coin
, then the PI coin value will be $1 per coin.

So as
soon there is a pipe network marketplace
and somebody lists a $10 amazon gift card and once 100 pay for it
. If
nobody is buying that so nobody’s willing to sell their pi for one pi is 10 cents, then the value will not be established as

If on
the other hand the offer would be you can get a $10 amazon gift card for 10 pi and users are okay with that.

Then we
would establish the value as one pi is
, so it really comes down to each and every one of you once pi network reaches phase three.

you’re willing to sell your PI coins for
0.00 something cents per coin
, then you are ruining, not only your own
profit or the value of your coins
for yourself, but you also help to ruin it for everyone else if as a community
we all agree to not sell or trade or use
our coins below $1 per pi coin
, then that’s what the value is going to be,
but it goes both ways.

 It also means that if you sell something in exchange for a pi coin so if you are selling your Xbox, then you also have to accept it
with that exchange rate.

 So to establish the value at $1, or more. The point is, it’s up to each and every
one of us to establish a decent value
for pi coins.


So if
you’re wondering how you can cash out
your PI coin
how you can transfer
your PI coins to PayPal or something like that

The answer is you cannot until pi network
reaches phase three
and you can use your coins. As a result, we get to the question. Will, there guaranteed to be a phase three Will the coins be
worth something guaranteed. No, it depends on the core team to finish the
development of pi network, which
they are making huge progress on as far as I can tell, and it depends on each
and every one of us to actively keep using pi
, tell more people about pi
and then once it actually reaches phase three, make sure that we establish a decent value for pi coins and not just dump all
your points at the lowest possible price
, now with data already provided the answers to most of the questions
that people have and show in the comments of my videos on Reddit and so on.

But I
also want to cover a lot more. and I want to apologize in advance if the
following question and answers don’t seem in order or don’t fit well together
again a reminder, you can use the content index de shortcuts there to jump to the
questions that you’re interested in, but I would actually recommend if you read
the entire article so you really get all
the answers

Now one
thing that shows up over and over again is obviously pain at work notes because
when you look into the pi earning screen
you can see that you will eventually get a mining
for running a node does that mean that you should run a node or everyone should do so.

No, if
you have no idea what a node is what it means, if you have no idea what Docker means how port forwarding works, and so on.

If you
don’t have a computer that’s online most of the time and so on. Then don’t
bother, like you’re not missing anything out you’re not really helping the
community by setting up a node that’s not set up properly in the first place,
the PI network node is really just
something for people that have the resources so if you have a computer that
runs 24/7 has a decent internet connection, and you actually know what you’re
doing with port forwarding and stuff like that, then yes you can set up a PI node and may eventually be used to
actually, run the consensus container and the main net, but for the majority of
users just don’t bother it’s not worth the effort.


If you
don’t know what you’re doing in that area just don’t do it now to answer the question What is the PI node.


PI NODE nodes are used or notes, in general, are used in cryptocurrencies to
basically, confirm transactions across the network and keep track of the
. So it’s one of the crucial elements of the pi network cryptocurrency as we approach phase three.

Now how
can you forward your ports to run the PI
I’m not going to answer that because as mentioned if you don’t know
how to do that. You shouldn’t run a node in the first place.

And I’m
also not going to answer it because it varies depending on which router you’re
using. How can you set up Docker on your
? As mentioned before, if you don’t know what Docker is how port forwarding works, and all that. Don’t bother
setting up a node you’re just going to get frustrated and waste your time for
no benefit, which brings us to something unrelated what is the pi network security circle or what are security circles
within a pipe network

pipe network aims to achieve security, by having security
circles, which means you can add people that you trust into your security
circles, and it will kind of give them credit and say that’s a valid guide at
somebody I trust to in the long run once pi network achieves phase three and
becomes a real cryptocurrency

should only have people in your security circle that you actually trust.
However, during phase two, right
now, while you’re still mining coins.
Your goal should be to have five people in your security circle because you
also, get a mining bonus, and right now it doesn’t matter if you trust them a
lot, or not because right now we are not in the life stage of the pi network we are not in phase three obviously when you sign up
for pi network there’s only one person in your security circle and it’s the
whose invitation code you used.

question is how can you get more people into your security circle, the answer
is, you can either invite new users and have them use your invitation code and
you will be able to add them to your security circle. Or, you can add existing
pi network users, but only if they use their phone number to sign up for the pi network, and only if you have their
phone number saved in your contacts, starting with the international country

So if
you have a friend in Germany, and you also living in Germany and you have his
phone number saved at 01 bla bla bla, and you try to add them it will not work,
you need to save his phone number, starting with plus four nine, and then the
rest of his number.

So with
the international country code for Germany. The same goes for other countries
as well. And then you will be able to add people that are already using pi network to your security circle, but
again, only if they use their phone number to sign up and only after you have
them saved in your context, starting with the country code, talking about phone
numbers in order to add existing pi
users to your security circle actually brings us to another question or issue.

can you verify your phone number
for the PI network? –

  1. In order to do that you need to open the pi network menu.
  2. And to go to profile.
  3. You will see a button next to your phone number if it’s not
    verified, once you press that you will see a screen that provides you with two
  4. Option number one applies if you want to verify your phone number
    in here with in the US or Canada and
    have a US or Canadian phone number
    , which somehow creates a lot of
    questions and confusion and a lot of posts saying I’m unable to verify my phone
    number it only offers verification for the US
    and Canada
  5. That’s not true. If you look at the verification screen
    again it’s within the main menu profile.
  6. Then you click on verify the phone number, you will see option two.
  7. There you can pick your country Click on Start.
  8. It will show you a PIN
    , and you will be able to select one of many numbers one in the US one in Belgium, and so on.
  9. And all you have to do is then take that pin code and send
    it as a text message to that number.
  10. And wait for your number to confirm that if you pick the PIN code
  11. And you send it to the number in Belgium and it doesn’t
    work after 10-15 minutes.
  12. Then simply try the number of another country if none of
    those numbers work.
  13. Then call your carrier and check that you are actually able
    to send international text messages with your current mobile phone contract or
    prepaid plan.

Why do
you need to verify your phone number. It’s simple so you can gain access in the case you don’t know, buy a new phone
and install the app again
, you forget your username or something like that,
it helps you to recover your account.

ALERT- Do you need to verify your phone number and your Facebook
account. The answer is no, you only need one of those two things. If you sign
up with Facebook, you’re not even able to also verify the phone number.

If you
sign up with your phone number and you verify it. You do not need to also
verify Facebook. However, you can do that it doesn’t hurt if you do it but you
don’t need to do it.

Do I need to verify anything if I signed up
with Facebook
No, if you sign up with Facebook your Facebook
account is already verified and you don’t need it, and you cannot actually verify
your phone number as well.

only thing that you have to do is waiting for the KYC process and for that you
can already download the yoti app enter your personal information.

an ID to confirm it.

then wait for the pi network to ask for you
to complete the verification in the PI network

How long does it take until I receive the KYC verification? It may take weeks or even months, but the core team promise that no pioneer
will get left behind

 As mentioned earlier, the pipe network has to pay for verification slots at yoti, and
therefore they cannot just roll out a million
verifications at once
, so just be patient prepare your yoti account, and wait for the dialog to
appear in your pi network app for
that purpose.

make sure to every day open your app,
click the mining button so you don’t
miss your KYC slot once it’s appeared. What happens if I already saw my KYC
invitation and somehow I missed it because took longer than 24 hours to verify
my ID, no worries you will get another shot along the road.

can I do if it doesn’t accept my government-issued ID, or if I don’t own a
passport or another ID that they accept as long as you have some kind of government-issued ID pi network will
alternative methods to
complete the KYC verification.

So you
will be fine you’ll just have to wait for this to happen. Another question that I’ve seen over and over again is people asking if
they can somehow change their earning team

they signed up with their best friend but somehow they want to change into my
team or somebody else’s. The answer is no, you cannot change your earning team,
and whoever invited you in the first
place to pi network actually also deserves the referral bonus.

So if
you for example watching any video
because a friend of you shared it with you because you had doubts about pi network, and now you’re considering using
my referral code instead.

do it, use the referral code of the person that introduced you first to
pi network
. If my article is the first
time you hear about the pi network
, then yes, use my referral code if somebody else already told you before about the pi network.

Go and
ask them for their referral code so
they actually receive the referral bonus
status surf
, doesn’t matter which referral
you use.

Do you
get any kind of benefit by using a special a different graphical no every
comment that you see your every post every person that tells you that you would
mind faster because you’re using their code or that they have a huge team or
that they are KYC verified, whatever it is they’re claiming, it’s simply not

fact, everybody that leaves comments
and tells lies like this in order to get more signups, you should already know I’m taking screenshots of each of
those comments and I’m actually reporting all of them to ty.

So you
will actually get either coin removed,
or your accounts deleted because if
you can only grow your team by lying to people. You don’t deserve a single pi coin in my opinion.

brings me to another question. How can
you actually grow your team everyday people are literally spamming the comment
in my article with their referral

will not be able to grow your team by simply spamming your referral code if you want to really grow your team, there’s a lot
of ways that you can do it.

It’s very similar actually it’s identical
with affiliate marketing because promoting network is promoting something to
somebody who doesn’t know that he needs it already

And as
such, the same strategies Apply Now initially when Irina and I started with affiliate marketing we signed up to something called the affiliate
it’s a series of 14 or 15 videos by people that make a ton of money with affiliate
marketing that shared their strategies.

How they would start from zero again, you
can actually find a link from here as mentioned the article are completely free
you’ll take a lot away from how to
promote things in the best possible way

But I’m
also going to provide you with a simple strategy without you having to go there
and watch those videos you want to grow your pi network team.

So one
simple way to do that is, for example, if you have a Facebook account and a
following or a lot of friends, simply go live on Facebook once per day and
Share your reasons why the pi network is
so great why people should sign up
and so on, and eventually, you will get some signups.

If you
have a TikTok account do it there if
you have an Instagram account with
do it there. So simply create organic content, provide people
with a reason for signing up so tell them that you will answer the questions
that you will guide them along the way and so on.

don’t forget to point out that the only thing that they have to lose is five seconds of their time. If pi network fails, which at this point
in my opinion, is quite unlikely.

they only lost a couple of seconds and can tell you I told you so. But if the pi network succeeds, which in my
opinion is more likely at this point, they will actually only regret that they
didn’t join sooner. Now, last but
not least, before we come to the end of this very long in-depth article about PI Network that hopefully answered all your questions so far.

I want to quickly talk about the latest
introduction within the pi network app, which is the so-called brainstorm app
as a PI network user as I already pointed out pi network has the highest chance
of success when there are more involved and active users
. It’s
important that you take a look at the brainstorm
, and to click on proposals and
actually up and download the ideas
that you think would be good for pi network, only if enough people
provide their votes will the core team know which ideas, actually should be
created, which in the end helps each and every one of us pi network users.

If you have more questions then visit the official website to get more answers.

So let’s go to know more about how to register/create a new account by using the raspberry pi app from the google store for your android/ios.


Use my username (alexzone101) as your invitation code.

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