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Wipkviey is a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of unmanned aircraft systems, founded in 2010.

Wipkviey’s product line covers a wide range of categories such as entry-level drones, adult-level drones, and adult photography drones.

Wipkviey’s core technology lies in automatic flight control, intelligent sensing, etc. Its products can provide efficient and safe solutions.



Drone and Accessory


Wipkviey T16 Drones

Easy to control and perfect for kids!

Wipkviey T27 DronesWipkviey T27 Drones

Wipkviey T27 Drones

Best gift for boys and girls for beginners!

Wipkviey Drone

Wipkviey drones are designed for children, adults and beginners to learn RC drones, easy to fly, user-friendly features, full set of protection to avoid unnecessary damage.

Operate The Drone

If you are not sure about the drone, Wipkviey provides detailed drone instruction manuals and videos, feel free to contact our after-sales team for answers.

Service & After Sales

Wipkviey’s drones are available for 30 days for the entire drone and 90 days for accessories.

Kids Beginner Friendly: T16 drone has a one-touch take-off/landing and auto hover function to ensure easy control, especially suitable for kids who are not yet proficient; it is equipped with 4 propeller protectors to ensure the safety of kids during play.
Lots of Fun to Play: T16 kids drone also has 3D flip and loop flight functions, adding extra fun to kids’ flying experience. The headless mode function allows the drone to quickly return to the take-off direction, effectively reducing the probability of loss.
3 Speeds: T16 drone has 3 speed modes (low/mid/high) for kids of different skill levels to experience different flying fun.
LED Light Design: The blue and green led lights of the drone toy creates a fascinating light display, it’s a good choice to take it to parties, school, fishing, hiking, long distance travelling, etc. Measurements of the small drone: 6.7*6.7*1.57 inches.
Charging Safety: The 2 battery packs have protection against over-expansion, making charging safer. In addition, the T16 RC drone has a low battery warning function to prevent crashing due to low battery.