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Sold Out Book Combines the Bible With The World’s Best Financial Books!
MUST HAVE Book for all! Over 250 Scriptures, Cross Referenced With
Over 15 Well Known Financial Books.

This is
the Only Financial Book You Will Ever NEED!

If you’re
like most people, you are really focused on keeping your head above
water financially: you have a great idea for business… the only
problem is that you wonder
if it will work!  And nothing you read
makes you feel any more secure.  Everywhere you look you are
bombarded with web sites promising you opportunity after opportunity;
but how how do you know what is real? You’ve probably already tried:

– and found out it takes forever to get ahead, and then the economy
shifts and changes
and before you know it you are out of work! There is really no security

401K – and
found out the money you are saving for retirement is not growing very
fast, if at all! How do you know where to put your money?There is
really no security anymore

a Business – and discovered that no-one
wants to buy from you

how good your product is! Plus you
end up buying more

than you sell! There is really no
security anymore

of that stuff actually works, but have you ever wondered why some
people have more financial success than they ever dreamed of while
others get less and less?  Why some individuals succeed beyond their wildest dreams and others fall by the wayside?  You know the ones I’m
talking about…the people that are constantly
doing well, in spite of the economy? 

FACT: There are only a few reasons
God will bless you with so much money that it blows your mind. Do You Know What They Are?   What do they know that
you don’t?

6 Minutes to
Financial Freedom

With 6
Minutes to Financial Freedom, you’ll learn how to harness the power of
Biblical Financial Principles that overlap with the best financial
books of modern times to unlock a life changing financial plan and lead
to more success than you
know what to do with!

don’t just get information –
you get the answers to why things are going the way they may be going
in your life and how to implement the changes you want!

what the real kicker is when you get 6 Minutes to Financial Freedom you
will discover the meaning of life like thousands of other people who
have attended the 6 Minutes to Financial Freedom Seminars around the
country; and You will be in position to
keep more of your MONEY!

right…6 Minutes to
Financial Freedom is not just
the latest combination of breakthrough spiritual and financial ideas –
it’s a treasure trove of power packed
and carefully documented methods that will
enable you to achieve
balance in your career and Personal Life and show you how to
effectively manage money!

I won’t
pretend it’s simple…in fact if you had to read all the books that went
into this one book, it would take you months and
maybe years. 
But We’ve done all the compiling for you…all YOU have to do is
carefully follow the step by step instructions, and the powerful
will open your
eyes to financial utopia!

book has the sub title ” The Christian Guide to Financial Management”
and is designed to be just that. This book is a combination of some of
the greatest financial publications ever written (“Rich
Dad Poor Dad,” “Retire Young Retire Rich” and “Cash Flow Quadrant” by
Robert Kiyosaki, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, “The
Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J Stanley and William D Danko and
“Multiple streams of income” by Robert G Allen) and the original wealth
creation book– the Bible. In this book
we go through the process of putting together a financial and strategy
for a person who has no knowledge of the stock market or investing and
we back up the entire book with over 250+

books on finance have been written from one side or the
other (Christian or secular). Today, Christians have to get financial
advice from non-Christian books or just have to try to figure out for
themselves what to do with their money. This book brings together the
best of both worlds and discusses money from a Biblical standpoint.
This book is designed to be a long-term financial reference guide for
Christians to come back to throughout their lives. We
can also save you the trouble of researching this unique combination of
content, (the best financial foundation possible, the Bible and the
best financial tactics from the modern world) because outside of this
book, it does not exist today!

Learn How to Properly Evaluate
ALL Financial Opportunities

6 Minutes to Financial

With 6 Minutes to Financial
Freedom, you’ll learn the secrets of financial freedom already in the
Bible – utilized by the best financial
minds in the world!

Remember, 6 Minutes to
Financial Freedom is not just some academic
theory – it’s made up of power packed proven methods
implemented by thousands of readers over the last ten years!

your copy of 6 Minutes to Financial Freedom RIGHT NOW

it or not, you get the secrets of 6
Minutes to Financial Freedom for only 


for making it all so easy!”

For anyone who’s intimidated by
the very phrase Christian Finance, as I was
TyMass, your  book is the answer to their unspoken
prayers.  Not only do you explain exactly what 6 Minutes is,
in all its forms, but you also explain precisely how I must use
it to help change my life – you’ve managed to pack in so much valuable
content and yet it’s still a joy to read.  As a
fellow writer, I’m very impressed.

I’m busy putting into practice,
step by step, the entire contents of your book, and I’m delighted I’ll
have your comprehensive guidance right here on my computer and IPOD as
I implement the rest of my 6 Minutes strategy –
thanks for making it all so riveting!
By the way, I am glad you finally made the Ebook available because I
searched all over for the book and could not find it. Even on there were only a few copies for sale out of the thousands
published. That speaks very highly to the relevence and uniqueness of
the content. Take Care

the Best Financial guide!”

I know that getting the true financial info from
the 6 Minutes eBook is definitely the most powerful source on the
Internet. However, thanks to your comprehensive & step-by-step
book it is much easier and faster! You cover absolutely everything
about finance and every serious business person shouldn’t miss this
brilliant eBook. I think this is definitely the best financial guide on
the market!


Master Class in Finance”

I’ve just finished reading
thru your book, well I have to say it is one of the most profound books
I have seen on the net in a long time.

6 Minutes to Financial
Freedom is quite a topic, which you have covered in great detail. I’ve
seen other books with different price tags, which try to cover
everything you need to know in a fluffy 40 page report.

What TyMass is offering
you is the master class in financial strategy. I’m printing this one
out and taking out my highlighter – there is just so much I have
learned already from your book.

TyMass, thanks for
producing a quality book

Fast Action Bonus

Still not convinced? Well, check this out!  In
order to make this deal simply irresistible, I’m going to throw in a
really powerful bonus. I was debating whether to include the first
bonus, as the information contained within is simply a Gold
Mine, and I was worried that in the hands of too many people
its value would be diminished. In the end I decided to restrict it to
100 buyers, period. Because you’re acting quick and ordering now I know
you want to be the best that you can be.

three part seminar workbook
that will walk you through a financial
class that you will actually understand in your living room!
 My workbook has taken
literally months to write. It has been used in seminars around the
country with thousands of people and the results have been life
changing. Knowledge is a powerful resource when applied with action.
The Bible says to seek knowledge, for it is the principle thing in
life; because without it, people perish! This is a fact in general but
even more definitive when it comes to finance.  Here’s what
you get in this cutting edge workbook:

– highlights common credit themes, trends, and patterns, and drills
down to discover the real factors that impact your
credit score. We are not just going to tell you how to address your
credit issues but we are going to hold your hand through the process,
just like we do in an actual face-to-face seminar. This section
includes actual letters that you can use right now,with the words
already written. All you have to do is is write your information on
them and send them to the credit bureaus!.

– recommends
a daily game plan, and explains why
Biblical principles work for all people sometimes regardless of
religious orientation!  You’ll get the know-how to easily
power past your

The TyMass staff originally
didn’t want to give away this copyrighted material. ESPECIALLY parts 2
and 3 of this workbook. However, due to the unique nature of the
material, I’ve decided I will limit it to the first 100 people who are
bold enough to act today because they believe the future can be



Your Success With 6 Minutes to Financial Freedom

From the office (when I’m not on tour around
the country)

can follow the steps!”

Hi TyMass just
let me say I thought your new Ebook 6 Minutes to Financial Freedom is fantastic. You see there
are hundreds of books on the net but the problem I find is they are
very hard to follow but your book is so simple anyone can follow the
steps you go through in the book let me tell you if I can follow the
book anyone will be able to well done on a great book.


John Ward

I just
finished reading “6 Minutes to Financial Freedom”. All I can say right
now is “Wow!’ 

You’ve done
a great job of explaining how to use 6 Minutes to establish a solid
financial foundation the right way. I really appreciated how you
explained things in an easy to understand way and your
conversational style of writing was concise
and articulate. Even an old guy like me was able to
get my head around the possibilities.

reading through 6 Minutes to Financial Freedom once, I’m ready to go
back and read it again. This time though, I’ll take better notes!

There is so
much to apply and learn from what you have given us!

TyMass for an awesome read.

Much success
to you my friend!

“Get it
now and save yourself
time and hassle!”

soon as you download your manual, print it off, pick up a pen and
highlighter, get a drink and prepare to sit somewhere comfortable –
you’ll want to sit undisturbed as you discover pages and pages of very
helpful material, and as ideas about how to implement his strategies
for your business keep popping up one after the other.

manual is excellently written.  If you’re in any way flummoxed
by 6 Minutes, you now have the chance to understand what it’s
about.  6 Minutes to Financial Freedom
takes you through 6 Minutes step by step.  It explains things
in such a way that the concept of using 6 Minutes to Financial Freedom
for marketing your business suddenly seems easy and exciting rather
than confusing and scary.

about to implement TyMass’ strategies in both of my businesses and I
know my exposure and income is about to go right up.  I
heartily endorse 6 Minutes to Financial Freedom – get it now
and save yourself time and hassle … and get a whole lot more targeted
traffic to your sites.

Copyright (c) 2013,, 6 Minutes to Financial Freedom

Click here to get 6_Minutes at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

6_Minutes is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.