Key Takeaways

  • Google search interest for “Solana” surpassed that of “Ethereum” for the first time in 2023.
  • The increase in Solana’s popularity is linked to events within its ecosystem.
  • Solana’s token, SOL, experienced notable market movements, surpassing Ripple’s XRP in market capitalization.

For the first time in 2023, “Solana” has become a more popular Google search term than “Ethereum,” indicating a shift in traders’ focus within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This change in search trends highlights the growing intrigue around Solana’s developments and potential.

During the week of December 17-23, Solana’s search interest score rose to 56, overtaking Ethereum’s score of 50.

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Google Trends forecasts that Solana’s search popularity is expected to reach its peak in the last week of December, signifying the term’s utmost popularity.

The surge in Solana searches was particularly noticeable in countries like Spain and the Philippines, contrasting with Ethereum’s continued dominance in regions such as Indonesia, Taiwan, and Morocco.

This increased interest in Solana coincides with notable activities within its ecosystem. The rise in searches for “bonk,” a dog-themed memecoin, followed its market capitalization, surpassing Pepecoin after a significant gain.

Additionally, “Tensor,” a marketplace on the Solana platform, gained attention with its NFT collection Tensorians showing remarkable growth.

Solana’s token, SOL, also saw significant market movements. It is worth noting that since the end of 2022, SOL price increased by a whopping 1,000%.

On December 20th, SOL’s market capitalization surpassed that of Ripple’s XRP, marking a notable increase in its price. Subsequently, SOL temporarily overtook BNB as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization on December 22nd, although it later fell back to its previous ranking.

This trend in Google search interest reflects the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the cryptocurrency market, where new platforms and tokens can rapidly gain prominence, challenging established players like Ethereum.

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