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So let’s see what is uniswap (UNI)?

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So we’re not talking about uniswap price. What
we can do is keep learning, keep educating ourselves on which projects are
making noise in this market. In today’s crytocurrency
news site
, I want to share with you a very new, very low cap project called
unistake with our unistake token. They’ve been building for a long time,
they’re about to launch very very soon.

So let’s go over what
this means
to you as a potential hurdler in this space, we are going to
discuss what unistake is the products, the utility unistake provides to
projects, and how they’re potentially changing the game for defy for uniswap in a big big way.  If you want to know more visit the official website of 

Let’s start by talking about the origins of this project unistake was founded in early, 2020, with a goal to help gain traction for decentralized crypto exchanges. It just
so happened at around that time, uniswap
was coming into its own, as well as uniswap started to gain traction,
massive influx of new projects.

We’re seeing all of which required liquidity, which put unistake
in the perfect position. So what is unistake providing the platform is a
liquidity platform designed to solve many of the risks and difficulties,
associated with this new world of defy providing and attracting liquidity, to
your project


And we’ll dive deeper into liquidity in a second. But basically, uniswap is offering your project. Each new defy project, a full
suite of tools that they can use to launch the project on uniswap build trust with their audience, provide better
incentives for liquidity providers, and they’ve been building and developing
since last year. In fact about three months ago, at the end of last year, they
had a very successful token sale sold out in minutes.

And now finally with a launch date right around the corner.
We’re seeing the interest, we’re seeing the pent-up excitement in these last
few weeks, break out. And it’s interesting because fundamental metrics like
this seem to just be from community excitement slash word of mouth right now,
because as I said they haven’t launched yet. So let’s dig in. What is your
mistake, and what is the revolution, they’re aiming to provide you mistake is a
decentralized token protocol built to empower defy projects and
incentivize liquidity providers, through staking bonuses yield farming, and
regular dividends.

So this is a way for individual defy projects, to not only
incentivize liquidity providers to come to provide liquidity for them, but also to
help build trust with the hurdlers with the investors, and we’re gonna talk
about each unique feature. But first off let’s just talk about the importance
of liquidity. There are hundreds, if not 1000s of different trading pairs,
different projects on uniswap, but
they don’t all have good liquidity, and liquidity can really be a make or break
component, especially if you’re a new project in the space. So why liquidity
matters liquidity equals value.


In short, a token
has no relevance, unless there’s actually enough liquidity, to back
it. For example, if you buy a coin at $1, say it pumps to $100. But there’s no
liquidity, there’s literally no way to realize those gains, you can’t buy, you
can’t sell. So different projects different coins. Even users, look for that,
when they’re listing when they’re finding coins and uniswap liquidity, equals stability tokens with low liquidity
resulted in huge price changes, known as slippage which projects, don’t want.
The point is, in the past, while many projects just had to wait and hope, or
even worse, the project had to devote resources to constantly attracting LPs
instead of working on their core project, use mistake identified the pain
points saw the opportunity and is aiming to be that solution unistake makes
it possible to attract the liquidity, your token needs and encourage your
providers, your liquidity providers to keep it flowing through customizable
lockup periods, and time-based incentives, the free tools provided, enable you
to easily set up a unistake pool and accurately predict the amount of
liquidity, your chosen pair is likely to receive.

Okay, so I want to make this as clear as possible so we will
go over using unistake versus just using uniswap alone. But first, let’s
go over a few of the individual features that are meant to increase liquidity
profits and usability if you’re launching a coin on uniswap. So first, traditional.
So this is just a standard uniswap liquidity model with the added
benefits of staking and token lockups as well.

So traditionally, you would either have to choose do I want
to provide liquidity with my tokens or do I want to stake my tokens. Well now,
with these features, you can do both at the same time as a project you want
people to stake. And you also want people to lock up liquidity, so your token
your project has a stronger foundation. So this is a clear benefit. So I like
this, this is pretty simple but it is something that’s wanted or needed that
does add value to space, multi-stake is another feature multi-stake allows
users to provide liquidity to up to three assets at once, which results in
multiple new revenue streams. So instead of just providing liquidity to one
pool, you can now choose up to three.

This gives LPs much more flexibility, which is much more of
an incentive for them to provide liquidity for you. And of course, we have pool
share as well. This enables users to provide liquidity, to select tokens,
without the need to have both tokens from that pair. So let me explain this.
And to do this.

Let’s look directly at the pairings right now on uniswap,
to provide liquidity. Normally, you need to own an equal amount of both tokens,
usually your token and then an equal amount of eath. If you don’t have both, then
you’re still, you can’t do it with pool share. You don’t need both tokens you can
provide liquidity, with just one side, but you pool those resources together.
So keep in mind, we’re just going over broad strokes of the value proposition
of union stake today, but there is a clear benefit
for each individual party for LPs,
it makes it more profitable, you get
more options more customization for uniswap, it incentivizes and more
liquidity on your platform, and obviously for projects can attract
more liquidity by providing these staking bonuses and providing more
trust with these tokens staking liquidity lockups, which we’ll talk about.


So, give me your initial thoughts on this interesting stuff
here for sure. Let me know what you like best. By the way, there are a ton more features.
The United States offers for example have something called
pool match you join a pool with one token and the project can
choose to match your deposit with the other token. This one is very clear to me
how this would benefit, a new project, as well as users on the uniswap
platform. And by the way, this in large part is able to be done through their decentralized
smart contracts,
which are being audited or coming soon before they’re
released will be audited.

They present these on their website. And let me take you
through a few Now first off the basic token contract. This is a huge
mistake, how they’re mounted, how the contract is immutable, read it, right

What’s interesting to me is another feature they offer for
project is not an Ico, but an AI is an initial staking offering contract.

The ISO contract runs the token offering from start to
finish. And this is instead of just buying the coins and holding maybe
potentially dumping you stake them right away. So, this would show slash help
develop more trust you can tell them we did an ISO, all of us are staking, they
offer a staking bonus contract if you stake longer, you get rewarded more, so
this contract holds all the staking bonuses and allocates them to supporters,
depending on how long you’ve staked and the last big one, we’ll mention today.
This is very similar to a projects like a trust swap or doing a time distribution

 So this contract
releases tokens based on a set timeframe predetermined at the point of
deployment. So when your project launches, again you can build trust
with your potential investors and show them.

Hey, all Ark tokens are locked up. We believe in
this. So, they are definitely filling major pain points in the space. And let’s
dig deeper, obviously, we can see the strong potential use case for the platform,
but what’s the utility of the unistake token utility explained. So any project
can utilize the tools, just like any liquidity provider, any user can help
provide liquidity using your steak to get those incentives. But in order to
take advantage of these benefits project and liquidity providers, both require
the unistake token unistake to do.

So the token works within the ecosystem for projects in
order to use unistake to attract LPs project will need to have a uniswap
pair with their token, and unistake as well for users, no matter
which protocol, you choose to contribute to profits derived from liquidity
providing attracts no fees by mistake, but a 10% fee paid for any mistake is
required to withdraw profits received from staking bonuses. These are the broad
strokes, they do offer a detailed breakdown of utility right on their website.
Something else I like, which I’ll link below.

Is that your mistake also gives you an example, if
you were providing liquidity on your own versus providing liquidity with unistake
, and we’ve talked about it. But basically, if you can, stake and provide
liquidity at once, it’s a no-brainer. At the end of the day, which gives more

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